Fort Smith Elementary School Evacuated After Bomb Threat

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Students at Beard Elementary School in Fort Smith were evacuated Thursday morning (April 10) after a bomb threat was found inside the school, according to district officials.

Fort Smith Police did a sweep of the school after the threat was found, but have given the all clear.

Students were allowed to return to class as of 9 a.m. Thursday, the school said.

This is the second threat made at Fort Smith Schools in the past two days.

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  • bobreal

    If it was called in; Was it a ADULTS VOICE or a CHILDS VOICE??
    If it was a Child was that Child a student there??
    If it was a WRITTEN NOTE; Just match the handwriting..
    DUMB KIDS don’t think about this…. LOL

  • Carl Hendryx

    This is the second day in a row that they had a threat at this very school. There were no phone calls to the parents! Why is the school system not notifying their parents? My son is a second grader at this school!

    • Anna

      The police were called yesterday and just checked everything out , today they were evacuated and all parents were contacted via automated call. To the parent who didn’t get phone calls you need to make sure they have correct number because my 2 nd grader and others were contacted

    • Kathryn Richards

      i have 2 kids that go to that school and i was contacted this morning about it. But itsl like there not taking it seriously enough in my opinion ya know. I am just a really frightened mother, who doesnt know what to think about this. I feel like something more needs to be done about this.

  • Sean

    The school did a good job. They contacted me 3 times over a two day period and identified a suspect/offender immediately.

    Hope the kid can get some help in realizing he’s wrong whatever the motivation was ie prank or legitimately upset

  • Kevin

    If someone really attacks a school with a bomb they won’t call or write in a threat it will just happen no warning. They need to stop taking these threats serious.

  • val

    thats what i say why werent parents called my granddaughter is in the 4th grade there shame shame on the school

  • Janie

    I was contacted immediately and told I may pick my child up by the time I got there the police gave the all clear and students were back in class,it was not a call in,an upper grade kid found a note with the threat in it.They were having benchmark exams.I believe it was just a kid pulling a prank.The school did absolutely nothing wrong.So they have nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Kendra

    Parents were notified by a letter sent home with students about the first threat on Thursday. The second threat was found this morning and we actually got a call. I live like 3 blocks away so it only took me a few minutes to pick up my son today. I asked why we weren’t notified Thursday by phone . And what was different for them to actually evacuate today. The reason was because Thursday the threat was outside the school. Friday mornings threat was found inside the school. I want to be notified regardless! I was not happy about just getting the note yesterday! What if it had been a serious threat? I am seriously upset and mad about the whole situation.

    • Kendra

      Sorry I realize I had my days wrong. The threats were Wednesday and Thursday. Not Thursday and Friday. With everything going on I’ve got my days all mixed up.

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