Police: Inmate Back In Custody After Using Wrong Name To Get Released

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Police say they have caught the woman who was mistakenly released from the Johnson County Jail after using another woman’s name.

Adriane Raines was arrested Thursday on suspicion of unrelated warrants out of Franklin County. She may soon be transferred to Johnson County to face more charges, including criminal impersonation, obstructing governmental operations and forgery, said Clarksville Police Chief Greg Donaldson.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday booked a woman into jail claiming to be named Candle Coleman. The woman was arrested at the time on suspicion of disorderly conduct at a Clarksville park, police said.

The woman, later identified as Raines, was then released from jail under the fake name, without providing identification.

Authorities began searching for the woman after realizing the mistake. She was found and arrested Thursday in Franklin County, according to Clarksville police.

The actual Candle Coleman was surprised to find her name on the Johnson County Jail’s intake report online and contacted authorities to notify them.

“I showed up after work. I drove an hour and a half all the way to Johnson County, and the officer asked for my ID,” Coleman said. “He goes, ‘Yeah, you’re not the girl I arrested last night.’”

The alleged impostor had provided authorities with Coleman’s name, along with her phone number, address and social security number.

“I was furious,” Coleman said.

Coleman said she knew the woman accused of impersonating her.

“We were friends in high school,” said Coleman. “I’ve been friends with her since she was probably 12. I just haven’t spoken to her in a few years.”

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