Activists For Legalizing Medicinal Cannabis Visit NWA

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The Arkansans for Compassionate Care group has been traveling the state to get signatures for their petition to get the Medicinal Cannabis Act on the November 4 ballot.

The non-profit needs 62,507 signatures for the initiative to get on the ballot. In 2012 the initiative failed to pass by less than two percent of the popular vote.

Melissa Fults is the director of Arkansans for Compassionate Care and said the culture surrounding the drug has changed in recent years. She said she is positive that they will get the signatures they need to get the initiative on the 2014 ballot.

"We had 500,000 people vote for us in 2012...I think we can get 62,507 signatures," Fults said.

Steve Lowry is a resident of Fayetteville and a former D.E.A. agent. He said he has never seen anything positive come out of people using the drug.

"What we are telling our youth is that it's okay to use marijuana---that's exactly what we are telling them, that it's no different than alcohol or tobacco. We've already had so many problems with both, why would we want to add a third?" Lowry said.

Fults said that there are many people in the state that could benefit from using medicinal marijuana.

"There are so many healing components in a cannabis plant, and that's why it works for such a varied amount of illnesses," Fults said.

Lowry is not convinced.

"I think it's a back door way to get marijuana legalized... if that's what they want to do they need to simply come forward and let the people vote on that issue," Lowry said.

The Arkansans for Compassionate Care have until July 7 to collect the 62,507 signatures needed. All signatures have to be verified and if the group comes up short, they will have 30 days to collect the full amount.



  • bobreal

    Fine as long as it costs like it did in the 70′, 80’s; a 4finger bag NO STEMS or SEEDS of HOMEGROWN cost DIME $10.00..

  • Bill Jones

    This is not about medical marijuana, it’s about legalizing marijuana. You will not need to be sick to get it. They will have Doctors that will write you a prescription for some sort of ailment, real or not. The one thing is they claim it helps PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is the catch all illness that can be diagnosed to anyone. Again, this has nothing to do with medical issues. If you want to try to legalize it that’s fine but don’t lie why its on the ballot. This group is in it for the profit of selling it, not to help some sick person

  • Josh Hatfield

    Bill, suggest you read instead of listening to adults and repeating what they say, your in a red state , they’re wrong…I suppose these doctors are the ones currently putting all these kids on meds and prescribing all these pills people od on…way to support your local mds

  • Larry

    Let’s see some clinical results of medical MJ, not just some potheads going cool dude. Many useful drugs come from opium and other hard narcotics. I could support medical use of MJ if I see creditable evidence.

  • Tub

    Arkansans don’t be fooled by the “medical” marijuana ploy. It’s just a way to get marijuana more mainstreamed into society and minimize its negative effects on society. As a former state trooper in Kansas, I stopped many of these “medical” marijuana users, who were in their 20’s and 30’s and looking very healthy other than they lacked the drive to move out of their parents’ homes and get jobs, traveling back and forth from Colorado. The main drive they seemed to exhibit was worrying about how to improve upon getting high! You can see where Colorado and Washington’s medical marijuana programs ended up; it led to full scale legalization. Let’s not forget that marijuana IS a gateway drug and that there has been research showing a link between marijuana use and mental illness such as schizophrenia. Maybe that is part of the reason we are seeing an increase in mental illness these days? Let’s not also forget that the marijuana today has been cultivated to where it is many times stronger than the weed of the 60’s and 70’s. In closing, don’t be a dope!

    • Mick Mccartney

      “and minimize is negative effects” yes, it would, it needs to be regulated . It is going to happen regardless. it is better than feeding the cartels that are taking over our country. Who do you want to pull over? A cartel member? i feel for you officer. And I just bet you would be like other law officers and maybe they get sick and try herb and they think, wow, this is beautiful and I was putting people in jail over this. I challenge you to get high, it won’t kill you, and then your post will be all different, . Thanks for your brave service btw.

      • Tub

        The cartels are alive and well in Colorado, and I believe you will see an increase in violence there as well. Who would I want to pull over? That’s the thing; officers don’t know who they pull over until they get them pulled over. Anyone could be a threat! We actually do take great pride in the baddest of the bad because that is one less bad guy to victimize the innocent. I’ve seen way too many people use it and go on to try harder stuff and ruin there lives in the process, so I won’t be taking you up on your challenge for me to try it. I don’t need a drug to live in this world; although with all of nonsense in this world, it might fool me into thinking things make more sense.

  • Tub

    I don’t think too much of this group. Probably cops who would like to freely smoke their weed. Yes, there are some cops who shouldn’t be cops. Look at this link below it’s from the Benton County Sheriff’s website. It talks some about how these great “enlightened” European countries have tried decriminalizing drugs without thinking about the big picture…it didn’t quite become the utopia they had envisioned.

  • Larry

    Some things are just plain not good no matter how pretty you wrap them up. Not enforcing the Federal laws on drug use is THE reason our current president was backed by certain groups.

  • rsqmedic

    One word- Marinol- look it up, the positive effects of marijuana can be obtained legally and in a controlled manner.

  • jimbo

    rsqmedic is right however the marihuana legalization cartels will not even discuss Marinol because they can not make any money from a legal medication. The whole issue is about money, follow the money and you will see who is behind legalization and decriminalization forces.

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