Offensive Tackles Key To Helping Hogs Improve

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Coaches often say that they want to set the edge. Bret Bielema is no different. The second year Arkansas coach has a pretty simple philosophy, and a pair of book end tackles to impliment it.

“Brey Cook is playing as good of football as I’ve seen him play,” Bielema said. “I’m very impressed with Brey. He’s by far their leader, is a guy that’s going to lead that O-Line group and I think is a great example.”

An offense that wants to run the football needs more than just one guy in Brey Cook. That’s where the other tackle comes in to play and sophomore Dan Skipper.

“Skip has gotten better and better each day. The one thing I like about him, it couldn’t be any more important to him than the daily grind of film, what you do away from the game and all that stuff.”

Skipper cleary has the frame, at 6-foot-10 and 315 pounds, but it’s the little things that the coach wants from his left tackle.

“I think we need to work on his punch in pass. That’s probably his biggest thing. The biggest thing in the run game, there were a lot of things that were there today but we have to strain I think to compete the edges.”

Setting the edge, that will be a theme not only for the rest of spring practice, but that term will be heard a lot once the fall rolls around.