Severe Weather Rips Through Region Sunday Night

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A band of severe weather carrying gusty winds and thunder and lightning ripped through Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley on Sunday night (April 13), drenching much of the region in rain.

At about 8:30 p.m., a tornado warning was issued for Crawford, Franklin and Sebastian counties in the River Valley, though 5NEWS Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis said there was no real risk of a tornado and none were reported in the region.

“No tornado occurred tonight, and there never was a significant risk of one occurring,” Lewis said on his Facebook page, where he offered an explanation of why officials issued a warning.

A severe thunderstorm warning remained in effect for Johnson, Logan and Scott counties until 10:15 p.m.

At about 9:30 p.m., Southwestern Electric Power Co. reported 235 power outages in Sebastian County and 338 outages in Logan County. Ozarks Electric Cooperative reported 160 outages, with most of those being south and west of Stilwell, Okla., but six being east of Stilwell in Arkansas. 

The storm system was expected to move out of the region by late Sunday night, ushering in colder temperatures on Monday with highs reaching only into the 40s throughout much of the area.

(The photo with this story by 5NEWS viewer Destiny shows lightning in Muldrow, Okla.)


  • joesumone

    KFSM prides itself on being the leader in local weather coverage, however KFSM dropped the ball big time tonight. The tornado warning was issued around 8:30 P.M. so I turned to 5News for info. What was there, The Good Wife. Turned to KXNW, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. KFSM did not break into programming until 3 mins before nine. KFSM, if you’re going to show commercials touting your weather coverage, cover the weather.

  • Joe Diffesey

    Very true! Kids were scared and nothing was on to explain what was going on! Regardless of a tornado on the ground or not 5news should come on air and let people know what is going on in the event of a warning being issued!

  • Larry Tilley

    3 large turkey houses blown down on the ground at 280 county road 2655 Lamar Arkansas…power out….trees down

    ….part of house roofing blown off…very hard wind with hail. Larry Tilley……ph 817-578-0997

    • atc8824

      Our tree was blown over before they ever issued warning.Reminds me of April 21,1996 we had no warning tornado was on us had time to get shelter but it was way worse than the winds we had last night.

  • mackin

    3 large oaks fell, possible broken sewer line from the trees, chicken laying house and my carport were thrown into the woods. Once again, I win with the most damage.

    • Hayden Hodges

      I’d say that a hotel losing part of its roof and then having internal collapse might trump yours this time, especially since a business might close and people may be out of a job. :)

      I hope that all is well and be glad that everyone is safe. Sorry for your loss.

      God Bless!

  • atc8824

    Trees are down in Van Buren on 11th and in Gracelawn grave yard.Roof off a house on Lincoln street,big tree on 2 cars on 27th street.I say we have real damage here in Van Buren.I personally lost a tree last night.

  • Carol McFerran

    Grand Prairie community north of Charleston and Peter Pender experienced significant damage to houses and chicken houses. We heard a tornado going over our house. We always listen to channel 5 first but there was no coverage last night. It was extremely disappointing.

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