Victims Identified In Deadly Benton County Wreck

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Two people were killed in a wreck Saturday night (April 12) in Benton County, officials said.

Shawn Michael Hurt and Zachary Wade Long, both 19, died in the accident, officials said.

The single-vehicle accident happened on Old Springtown Road near Gentry about 10:30 p.m., officials said. A preliminary investigation indicates the vehicle was exceeding the speed limit before it went out of control and crashed, officials said. There was no indication drugs or alcohol were involved, officials said.




  • Micahel

    Are you sure it was 2 males?? I’ve heard about a young female girl heather garret that died last night on her way home from the river? It’s been all over Facebook but have yet to see anything on the news about it

    • tagteammoms

      Yes Micahel, this story was two guys :( so sorry about Heather, but know that she is in great company on the other side, these guys were big teddy bears and sweethearts.

  • Anon

    When will our young people learn to be careful and responsible so we quit losing them like this? So reckless.. Such a waste.

  • Anon

    I just looked it up and Heather was in a different accident. Hers was in Missouri, while the boys were in Arkansas. Both stories are devistating, and my heart goes out to all their families.

  • Betsy

    one of the gentlemen killed was my best friend’s oldest son. i will not release the name out of respect for his mother and children.

  • tagteammoms

    One of the guys killed was a long time family friend. We watched him grow from a young unstable child trying to make his way in life through his awkward teen years.

    Today is his birthday. We had just seen him a few days ago, he was on his way to work, forgot his lunch and we were having dinner at the time. We hooked him up with lunch and a shower :-) , hugged his neck.

    We always told him that we loved him no matter what he was like a son to us. RIP kiddo, all of our children love you and they always will.
    Never a sad look on his face, always sparkles in his eyes and a big goofy grin. Love and miss you more than you would ever believe.

    See you on the other side S. Keep being awesome!

  • Susan Phillips Thompson

    The paved road in this story is no where near the site of the accident. this road is between the gentry YC city road and vaughn. the gravel road that was actually shown during the newscast is a few miles behind the dollar general store on hwy 59 gentry.

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