Barling Woman Behind Bars After Drug Bust

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A Barling woman is behind bars and facing charges after a drug bust Sunday (April 13).

Investigators arrested Candice Emsey, 28, at her home at the Barling Place Apartments at 710 A Street Sunday around 4 p.m.

Investigator Jerry Foley with Barling Police said officers found Emsey with a half ounce of methamphetamine, about a pound of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They also found her in possession of Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Xanax.

She is behind bars at the Sebastian County Detention Center, where she faces the following charges: Possession of meth with the intent to deliver, possession of Scheduled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Controlled Substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining premises for drug activity, and 2 counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.

Emsey is being held without bond, according to authorities.

She will be in the Sebastian County Courthouse in Greenwood Monday (April 14) at 12:30 p.m.

Several agencies worked together to arrest Emsy, including Barling Police, the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office as well as the 12th and 24th Drug Task Forces.





  • Fed up

    Probably a welfare rat on top of it all. She looks like the one I was behind in the $store Friday night that bought Candy just to see what the balance was on her card and then held the line up while she spent it one item at a time on junk food.

  • bobreal

    Thank You All envoved for getting another piece of trash off the streets. Hope they throw the book at her an give her the MAX Sentence.. And find her kids some REAL PARENTS..

  • makegooddecisions

    No doubt that this young lady should pay for her crimes. I also know the are two young kids that love their momma dearly and are sad, confused, and scared. Please pray for them and that their mother will straighten herself out and be the mother she needs to be.

  • Mick Mccartney

    Most likely she is a victim herself from something in her childhood. I wonder when understanding of substance abuse will be achieved thru out society. Because of the misunderstandings of it and a punishment type of mind , instead of what maybe you learn at church, still you the tax, payer, the society member are paying for it much more than you think. Say, put her away and throw away the key? That’s going to cost maybe a million. substance abuse is a real problem , it will ever remain so, but the policies of incarceration are hot working.

  • atc8824

    I wont put her down she is caught by the meth monster once he catches you it is very hard to get away.I hope for her sake and her children’s sake that she gets help and stays clean.Thank the police young lady they may have just saved you and your children’s life by busting you.No shame in getting help my child was a addict and they received help and they have been clean for 2 years now.Please love your children enough to get help you will not regret getting clean.Prayers for the children.

  • kari coffman

    It is about time that this situation was taken care of. Now when are the Barling Police going to take care of her neighbors who are just as bad as her if not worse? They also have children living in their home, living on welfare, and doing drugs. People want to feel sorry for the adult who is addicted to these drugs but the children are being completely neglected and in some cases physically abused. This has to stop! Whether it is by placing the children in foster care or with other family members. These children do not deserve to live in these environments. It causes them to act out for attention at school and get in trouble and then that just causes more stress at home which can lead to more abuse. I have personally seen my fair share of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse from a drug addicted parents to their child or children when is enough, enough?


  • joedeanna

    Shes a really good person I now her she just makes the wrong desision and she is a really good mother, everyone makes mastakes she will have to learn from her mastake and everyone gets a second chance , shes a good person with bad entention.she was doing it for her kids so they would have some where to live and I guess she was doing it for drugs and money but for her kids she spoils them to death she loves them and wats better for them.

    • CAE

      Joedeanna – being a good mom doesn’t require her to “spoil” her kids. (I’m assuming you mean she buys them things.) They want a stable home. One that is not full of chaos. A mom they can count on to be there for them and not prioritize drugs and money over spending time with them.

  • joedeanna

    Their thousand of people that do drugs we cant stop it its everywhere thwir not gonna stop I will just get worse their is way wors poeple than her in the would and she just made a bad mestake everyone makes mestakes

    • joedeanna

      Like the world does drugs probly even cops and I now like a mall cop that does drug it all around the world the hole world cant go to jail

  • makegooddecisions

    joedeanna, without consequences for crimes, people will continue to do whatever they want. Which in this case could mean danger and possibly even harm coming to those innocent children. Drug dealers are not good people. I worked with a woman that continually told us her son was a good kid and had a good heart. Yet, he had been known to hit his mother and steal money from her all the time. Good people don’t harm or put their familes in harms way. Can she change and become a good person? Absolutely! But it’s going to take alot of time and alot of effort on her part. Nothing good in this life comes easy…

  • joedeanna

    Yall make a good point but shes out allready her parents are rich and got her out some how , my mom nows her they went to school together and she texted my mom earlyer and told her the shes out and she nows what shes dont shee just trying to servive that how a lot of people are now day because u can get a lot of money for dangeriur rists that they put thwir selfsbin

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