Centerton Fire Chief: Investigation Of Apartment Fire On Standby

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The cause of an apartment fire at Pomeroy Place Saturday is still under investigation according to Centerton Fire Chief Delton Bush.

Officials say no one was injured in the fire but that 33 individuals were displaced.

He said investigators have not been able to get into the building to determine the cause of the fire because it is structurally unsafe.

Bush said the department is waiting on engineers from Dallas to visit the site and figure out a way to brace the building.

In the meantime, he said the families will have to be patient and wait to sort through their things.

"I know there's been several people that would like to get back in and get items of theirs, and I completely understand that, but until we can get back into the building where it's safe to get back into we are just going to have to wait until the engineers have given their approval," the chief said.

Neighbor Cheryl Grey lives in the building next to where the fire started and was home when it began. She said she can't imagine what her neighbors are going through.

"I feel just awful for my neighbors, and I just really hope that they're getting everything they need…that they have shelter right now and all the clothing and items they need," Grey said.

She said she stepped out and saw the smoke and heard a man yelling for people to get away.

"I grabbed my purse and just started running," Grey said.

The fire started around noon Saturday. It took eight fire departments to get the three-alarm fire under control.

The apartment building is fenced off until it can be stabilized. Bush said once engineers declare it safe they will determine the cause and have a better understanding of what led to the fire that left 11 families without a home.