Tax Help Free of Charge

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West Ark RSVP in Fort Smith said they have helped thousands this tax season. The organization helps people file their taxes free of charge.

"I'm about to get my taxes done again at the last moment. Shame on me,” said Jeffery Clipton.

Clipton is one of many who waited until Tuesday (April 15) to get his taxes taken care of.

"We are pushing 3,000," said RSVP director Suzie Reehl.

Reehl said they started their service in late January, 2014.

"We have done right at $3.4 million in refunds for the crowd that we've helped and about $1.2 million of that was earned income credit, which is new money back into the community."

Reehl said concern can be high for those who missed the deadline.

"If you just can’t get it together in time, we provide you with the form to ask for an extension and then we start back Wednesday (May 7)," she said.

As for Clipton, he said it's a service he will use for years to come.

"I'm very thankful," he said.

The service is free for anyone who makes less than $52,000, is 60 or older or serving in the military.

The tax service is funded by grants. The people helping fill out the tax forms are volunteers.