ACLU Files Challenge To Arkansas Voter ID Law

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas and Arkansas Public Law Center today filed a lawsuit challenging the voter ID law passed in 2013, according to a news release Friday.

“The complaint charges the law violates the Arkansas Constitution by impairing the right to vote and by adding to the voting qualifications already set out in the Constitution,” the news release states.

The ACLU said the law places additional restrictions on Arkansans by prohibiting them from exercising their right to vote unless they present government approved photo ID. Reportedly, 10% of Arkansas voters lack ID, according to the ACLU.

“People who have been qualified to vote their entire adult lives are now being blocked from doing so by this unnecessary and unconstitutional law,” said Rita Sklar, executive director if the ACLU of Arkansas.

“The Arkansas Constitution specifically outlines the qualifications needed to vote.  The state should be ashamed of making it harder for eligible voters from exercising this most fundamental right than our own Constitution requires,” Sklar said.


  • txkreddog

    Idiocy reigns supreme with this pathetic excuse for a “civil rights” defender. ID is required for so many functions in our society, exercising one of our most fundamental rights should not be excluded. It will, however, help keep dead people from voting, and many from voting twice or more. ID is offered free by the state, and there is no reason a voter should not have legal, verifiable ID. To whine about providing ID to vote is so ridiculous it does not merit further discussion.

  • Teresa Gregoire

    Even the illegals have valid “government approved” ID’s. You can get one at the DVM. The Cost is $10. My son lost his DL due to a DWI and went down and got an ID. So the 10% that lacks an ID, the reason is because they haven’t bothered to go get one.

    • atc8824

      You are right Sambo.Obama proved that when Bill Clinton proposed picture on social security cards and Obama objected.Why?Its free and would prevent illegals from using somebody else’s social security card.I do not see why Obama is opposed..

  • Remembering grandparents

    The issue that really angers me is the fact that the majority of elderly, living in rest homes do not have photo IDs. They no longer drive. So how are they to get a photo I’d?

    They may still have their faculties and follow current events, such as politics, but their body is failing them. My grandparents were in this situation, where my grandfather had heart problems and my grandmother had lost use of 1/2 her body due to a stroke. They lived in a rest home but stayed up with current events.

    It really is sad how we turn our backs on the elderly.

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