Booneville Cleans Up After Storm Damage

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The city of Booneville was still cleaning up from destruction made during Sunday's (April 13) storm.

Mayor Jerry Wilkins said besides some tree limbs, majority of the damage was done to a historic building in town. The building housed the Arkansas State Revenue office as well as Eccles Pediatric & Internal Medicine office.

Mayor Wilkins said the building had been in town since 1911.

According to Richard Eccles, owner of the doctors office, said the weather department had not told them exactly what caused the roof to come up, but he felt it was most likely straight line winds.

Eccles said the damage to his office was mostly due to water, but that the revenue office saw significant damage.

The doctor said, "when we found out no one was hurt we thought this would be a nice part of a new chapter to grow bigger and better."

He said he was able to move all of his things out of the office and was seeing patients at his second office on Main Street. Ecccles said that he was looking into building a new office.

The revenue office was moved just a few doors down from it's original location on Broadway avenue, to 123 broadway.

Debris from all the damage was moved out of the streets and piled up outside the revenue office.

Eccles said when they got the call that his office had been damaged they went immediately there and people were already in town helping to clean up.

People in town said that type of behavior was normal for the community of Booneville, "Booneville's a great community, town they really do ban together and try to help each other out. They do stuff like this all the time."

The Mayor said broadway was closed down Sunday night but did reopen Monday (April 14) morning.

A tire shop directly across the street received damage to a window from flying debris.

Eccles said cars in the area were also damaged from pieces of the flying roof.

No other business on broadway received any damage.

Eccles said not a movie was out of place in the movie shop right next door to his office.