Former Rogers Doctor Accused In Patient Nude Photo Scandal

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An arrest warrant has been issued for a former Benton County doctor accused of taking nude photographs of a woman during an examination without her knowledge, according to the Second Judicial District of Arkansas prosecutor based in Jonesboro.

Prosecutor Scott Ellington said Paul Becton, 68, faces five counts of video voyeurism, a Class D felony. Becton practiced medicine in Rogers and Bentonville from 1984 to 2007, including at the Rogers Clinic For Women and Pinnacle Women’s Healthcare, Inc., in Rogers, according to Becton’s website.

Arkansas State Police began investigating Becton following allegations he took nude photographs of a female patient during an OBGYN examination without her knowledge or consent, Ellington said.

“The patient became suspicious after the examination that she may have been photographed and reported her concern to the Paragould Police Department,” according to the prosecutor’s statement.

Paragould police requested assistance from state police, who took over the investigation and executed a search warrant, which uncovered evidence showing the patient’s claim may be true, Ellington said.

The prosecutor said the Arkansas Medical Board has been notified of the allegation, and the doctor has not seen any patients this week.


  • Johnny Porter

    Likely money hungry sue happy garbage.

    If this were true, then this old man would have been caught many many years ago.

    I would have to see real proof.

  • Lorie

    Porter you are so right. This man was amazing to my daughter that another dr. Botched up and my grandson was lost! This man took over when the other piece of garbage fled
    Town. You are in a room and you do not know the doctor is using cell phone for pics yeah right!!! Every woman that has ever tried to take pics of the kitty knows you have to use a flash or it will not turn out. There is more to this but from all te media hype they have already found him guilty. A shame such talent is being waisted because of crack headed greed

  • Teresa

    I do not believe this to be true. This man is a man of God. He loves his family, his church & his community. I have know this man since I was 12 & I am now 39. He has been nothing but kind & caring to me when I was young. He & his wife were like second parents to my own children. I pray that this matter is over soon & this man is cleared. He has been through so much. God Speed Paul.

  • Rhonda

    According to what I read the police seem to have evidence to suspect her suspicion maybe true.. FYI just because he may be a man of God doesn’t mean anything, he’s human. Priests are man of God too and there human. Things happen. Let the evidence speak for itself before judging a possible victim.

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