Garrett’s Blog: Rain On Easter?

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Easter is still around 4 days away but we’re tracking a disturbance moving into the area which could bring some rain on Easter Sunday or Monday. Model skill decreases with time but here’s what the current situation looks like if you’re planning outdoor church services or an Easter Egg hunt with the kids.

Image 54

This image is Easter Morning at 7am. We should be overcast but it looks like the majority of the rain will be to the west. Right now, it looks like it might be dry for sunrise services. Sunrise, by the way, is around 6:40am.

Image 55

This image shows 1pm on Sunday. There could be some rain moving into the area from the west, but most of the precipitation appears to be light and it looks like there are some areas that won’t even see any rain.

Image 56

The heaviest rain arrives around 6 or 7am on Monday morning which is what the image above shows. Expect scattered showers and thunderstorms arriving from the west. Overall, the threat for severe weather appears low.

Image 57

The Storm Prediction Center currently shows no risk for our area because it’s too far out to predict with any degree of confidence whether or not a severe threat will materialize.

A lot can change between now and the weekend, I’ll issue an updated blog post on Friday with specifics from Futurecast on when the rain arrives and moves out.


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