Lavaca High Students Return To Class After Threat Investigation

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Students at Lavaca High School were evacuated Wednesday afternoon (April 16) while authorities investigated a threat.

A threat was found on the wall of a bathroom stall at the school, leading officials to contact authorities and evacuate the students, according to the superintendent’s office.

The message said, “I am going to blow up the building on 2/28.”

Since the date had already passed, the janitor was contacted to see if the threat was old, but the janitor said that it was not noticed before today, according to the superintendent’s office.

Authorities looked through the building and investigated but found nothing. At this time, students are being transitioned back into class, according to the superintendent’s office.



  • Hayden Hodges

    “Find them. Make them sit out the remainder of the year in an in-school suspension. Make them repeat their current grade again next year. Make an example out of them.” – SH

    This is ridiculous as these children need to be publicly made an example.

    • Fed up

      Make them repeat the grade is a good idea. I think it’s time we also quit coddling these kids. Juvenile or not their names and face and records should all be made public and it should stay on their record not disappear when they turn 18.

  • bobreal

    COPYCAT Kid sees on the News about others making threats an causing the School to be emptied then the kids being sent home.. So if it works there will it work at My School??

  • Kate

    Solutions: 1. STOP giving publicity to these threats. Let the schools inform the parents, but keep it OFF the news. 2. Add time to the end of the school year for each incident that takes away instructional time. That will have the kids ratting each other out and stop this nonsense….

  • Mike

    If the bomb threats wasn’t told on all the news channels then maybe kids wouldn’t be doing this all the time.

  • Taylor

    I found that in March and when I told a teacher they shrugged it off. Also strange that it seems like the bathrooms in months…

  • Christie

    These bomb threats are not the medias fault. The kids making these threats need to be held accountable!!! The media reports murders a lot & you aren’t going to see me, my friends or family out killing people because the news reported it. Get real!

    • Hayden Hodges

      Christie, I am going to have to respectfully disagree.

      Murder is another concept, both mentally and physically.

      These children are being fed the continuous notoriety of using a bomb threat for multiple reasons, one being attention. Like all copycat trends, these do not happen until the media publicizes them. Public shootings (especially schools – look at the trends since the late 1800’s and ponder the media’s respective reach) fall into the same category. This fad is safer than “murder”, as you referred to, and it does (in their minds) get them “celebrity” status as well as assisting with that pesky Geometry test 5th hour.

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