Police: Fayetteville Man Raped 2 Year Old, Recorded It On Phone

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A Fayetteville man was arrested Wednesday after police say he raped a two-year-old girl and recorded it on a cell phone.

Scott Sholds, 31, was arrested on suspicion of distributing, possession and viewing child pornography, computer exploitation of a child and felony rape or sexual intercourse. He remained Wednesday in the Washington County Detention Center on $100,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

His arraignment is set for May 16, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Sholds’ ex-girlfriend lost her phone after her son took it and gave it to Sholds, the boy’s father. After the ex-girlfriend recovered her cell phone, she noticed a video on it apparently showing Sholds having sex with a very young girl, later identified as the two-year-old daughter of an acquaintance, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The ex-girlfriend told police she was sure the man in the video was Sholds. Police later matched the voice on the phone with the voice of Sholds, according to the preliminary report.

Sholds allegedly denied being in the video and told police he never lived or slept at the girl’s home. Police later learned he actually had lived there for at least the last nine days, the report states.


    • Laurel

      killing him would be too easy, but him in jail for life with big burly felons who hate child abusers.

      • Angel

        OH REALLY GOOD IDEA. lets feed, house, clothe, provide medical, dental for the piece of trash. no…jail just teaches them how to get away with it since they put them all together so they’re “protected”. the old days of them being in general population is gone. They’re all housed together where they’re “safe” from harm.

      • Steph

        Angel….we’ll only house him for a month or so till the other prisoners find out what hes in for. Then they’ll give him what he deserves. Child rapists are hated by all inmates….except those like him. He’ll die from either a beating or internal bleeding due to being sodemized…or the biggest inmate on the block.

      • anonymous

        He wouldnt make it to having clothes food medical attention he go to big house the gaurds will throw him to the wolves for dinner hell b killed before the week is over trust me I kno I work at one and see it all the time he won’t even make it to court

      • Corey Jobson

        I agree he should go to prison because someone will kill him in there because of what he did and I feel quite sure it will be brutal. Its what he deserves

      • ss

        Actually, they take people who have comited similar crimes and put them in a prison together where they all lie about what they’re in for. The guards can’t talk about what the inmates are in for. You end up paying for the persons housing, medical, etc. Until they decide these sickos are rehabilitated and release them. Where they typically reoffend. That’s what really goes on. Prisons are not the way they look on TV.

  • L Tucker

    Thank God he was also an idiot. A disgusting, low life idiot who basically framed himself so that he can’t continue harming innocent children and their families.

      • mama

        No one is ever happy with God. if He forced us to do what he wants us to do, youd be mad he was forcing u, but since he gives us free choice, youre mad about that. its our choices that cause it. youve never done anything wrong….so r u gonna blame god for your wrong choices. this idiot made his choice. not God. this is why my kids DO NOT sleep where I cant see them or hear them. and I NEVER let them spend the night ANYWHERE(INCLUDING FAMILY) that Im not at, and if I do spend the night, I sleep close to them. God expects us to protect our kids as best as we can.

  • Hector Colon

    It’s really sad, I know someone who raped his own daughter she was also a todler thank goodness he was also caught no one believed me till i told them to google it , but i don’t think death is good enough ,it’s the easy way out they need to suffer prison is the best place for them so they get the same treatment.

  • Barbara

    Killing is to good for him he needs to suffer like hes made that pore little girl suffer! I know it will never forget that either. I know been there only not that little. Prayers for her an her family.

  • Barbara

    Killing is to good for him! He needs to be made to suffer like he made that poor little girl! I know she will never forget that either.I know been there but not that little! Prayers for her an her family. Lord walk an hold this little one in your arms to help her to heal. An the hearts of her family. I send this with the love in my heart.

    • Kimberly

      My uncle did similar things to me when I was 8years old
      And years later his heart stopped. When he was walking in a fild
      he dropped dead so he got what was coming to him. Cause
      Carma works in measuries ways….

  • phillip

    the sad part about it is that people that commit these crimes are put into protective custody when they are incarcerated therefore live and are housed with people with similar crimes I say lock him up with the murderers and let them serve out justice!

    • anonymous

      Yes hell b put in protective custody but pc isn’t just yu sittin in a cell no matter where he is house gaurds will make sure he is taken care of no pedofile goes to jail untouched or beaten and sodenized I kno I work in 1

      • Gene Jackson

        If he checks into Pc then the wolfs will check in right behind him and that said you can run but you can’t hide. They will cut his head off and kick it down the walk. No one knows nothing. You hear of that all the time for Child abusers and more about the sickos that violate them and do as this animal has committed . I saw a post from someone stating that he won’t make it to court. I believe that he will be beat and a celly lying on his belly in county hall and if that Lifer hits in county then he very well may be taken out before he ever gets to the big box.

        Chi-mo : Child-molester, “chester,” “baby-raper,” “short-eyes,”
        (as, “he has short-eyes,” meaning he goes after young kids). The worst of the rapo class in the eyes of convicts.

  • HL

    They need to record this monster’s hanging on a cellphone. I’m sure some bleeding heart will claim this human waste can be rehabillitated, though.

  • CAE

    I don’t understand where the parents are in this type of situation. He lived at the house for “at least nine days”. Maybe I’m overprotective of my boys (ages 4 and 2), but this seems like it could have been prevented with responsible supervision.

    • Terri Thomas

      I agree, also did the mother not ever notice something terribly wrong with her daughter, I am sure that would of done a lot of damage to that poor baby, Could you imagine how painful. I am sure the mother must have something to do with this. i hope the child is safe.

      • CAE

        Yes, I would imagine any caring parent in their right mind (not on drugs, alcohol, etc) would have noticed SOMETHING. Also, it’s sickening to think about, but I doubt he would have filmed himself the first time. The freak has probably done it before. As someone else posted online, I pray that the baby girl has no physical scars or horrific memories from this ordeal.

      • Brian

        Thats exactly what I was thinking, all the mother had to do was change her babies diaper once and it would be more than obvious. God I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but hopefully she’s young enough that she won’t remember anything. This is terrible, it makes me sick to my stomach. I hope this man gets what’s coming for him

  • Kelly Edwards

    make him suffer before he dies , because death is to good for him. make it slow and painful.How can someone be so disgusting he doesn’t deserve to live,
    much less have a trail.

  • scaredmoms

    Yes, the mother should notice something. But, from a medical standpoint, physical trauma of young children repairs incredibly fast, which is why only 3 percent of child molesters/rapists get “caught”! Just think, if he hadn’t RECORDED it, he probably wouldn’t be punished. There are men who ADMIT to child sexual abuse…in A COURT OF LAW, that are free on our streets and getting UNSUPERVISED visitation with petrified mothers children who can’t protect their children from these sexual predators or they get labeled vindictive. The system protects these sickos, because perpetrators can brag about it all day, but without a ‘cooperative’ victim or physical proof which is hard to obain, they remain untouchable….even with confession to community…

    • Mark Smith

      Do you know of one single case where, what you suggest; is actually happening? Name it, well put a stop to it.


        There’s a mom right now trying to keep visitation of her 20 month old girl supervised. She left her husband after being married less than a year. He was extremely abusive in many ways, gave his stepdaughter ptsd. The mother learned that he molested and worse his underage sisters prior to their marriage as a grown man in his twenties! He admitted to it in court in front of the judge, and he was only issued 90 days supervised visitation with the baby….as if he will abuse her in front of a camera/supervisor. The mother is FRANTIC with fear and has been told she can do nothing or she may lose custody looking like an “uncooperative” or “vindictive” mother. FRANTIC WITH FEAR! The system isn’t helping keep this little girl safe past 90 days! Her ex should be on a registry, instead the judge will grant him standard visitation soon!

  • tom

    theres no place safe in prison death is to quick.in prison he will pay daily.my self i would rather him suffer daily an he will.

  • Arthur

    Well I’m gettn sick and tired hearing about scum like this getting convicted,
    Going to jail for ten years & living off my money till they are let out for good behavior. To hell with the appeals process, if he is found guilty I say he should meet his end at the first tree he comes to. People now days are to soft for that kind of thing. That’s why crime is rampant.

    • Teresa Rivera

      I’m sick of hearing about the ones who don’t get convicted at all or get essentially no time.

  • judyhaney

    they do not need to let him out what he did to that little gril they need to keep him in prison for long time do no let him out for nothing. he make me so sick look at his pohots of him . i keep the little gril and the family in prayer god bless you.

  • Jenean Mousseau

    Forget the court systems, trials, or even prison! Turn him over to the family!! The family should be allowed to do whatever they deem necessary punishment for that baby girl!!! Trust me…if it were me…my family would be anything but EASY on him!!!! He deserves exactly what she got..excruciating unforgettable pain!!!! Nasty..dirty sleeze bag!!!

  • slewis

    I just can’t believe that he used to live with a friend of mine. …Micky and his family and used to come over to my house and not even about three weeks ago he showed up at my house and I told my mom to tell him to leave my house or to call the cops now I wish I would have beat the hell out of him …..crying shame prays goes out

  • Cassie

    If you guys only knew the half of what this man is capable of. I am extremely ashamed of knowing this man, I hope he gets what he deserves. I’ve always thought he would die victimizing other adults, I never in my right mind knew his victimization wouldn’t stop at children. This is my brother and I truly hope he gets everything that is coming to him. I wish personally I could reach out to this little girl and this family and apologize, I hope this was an isolated case and I pray that this little girl and her family will get the help she and they need, and deserve. I pray this is an exceptional case and this man gets life not the usual 10 years. I pray that a judge makes an example out of him. I beg, he will never stop victimizing people!

    • chris shold

      I wish I had words that could describe what i feel, I feel like he screwed up my name, my last name, I can’t even begin to understand how you feel, I’m lost for words right now, I hope your doing ok cassia.

  • chris shold

    An update on the Peice of shit, he’s in protective custody, he is my half brother, I found out this morning, I have no sympathy for him, no prayers, Nothing, I do pray for the little girl, and I hope she recovers from this, I am so angry that there are no words to describe how I feel, I hope he rots In hell for the rest of his life.

    • Angela Daley

      Chris, my heart goes out not only to the family of the poor child that scum raped but also to you guys! It must be really hard for you to now carry on as normal because of what he has done!
      I pray that not everyone will act like retards towards the rest of your family because of this! Peace & Love. <3 XX

  • Animalaura

    I like to watch the state just put him on a table… strap him down, and drain out his blood…. slowly….. a few drops at a time…. and let him WATCH his life disappear into a plastic bag.

  • Doctor Jackson

    Sadly, this sort of crime against our children occurs every day in every part of our country. If you want to *do* something about it beside posting your outrage on the web, go to http://www.protect.org and *join* the fight. My prayers go out to this little one and her family.

    • HL

      randy, I haven’t seen a single comment that is anywhere near as disturbing as raping a 2 year old and recording it.

  • Jonathan D Waters

    Crucifixion is more appropriate for EVIL PERSONIFIED such as this! He should be stripped naked, raped repeatedly then nailed to a big wooden cross and given IV’s so that it would take a hell of a long time for him to die! Then again, that just maybe to easy for him!

  • John

    Prison will not be a happy place for this guy.
    From what I’ve been told … this kind of inmate is referred to as a ‘Baby Raper’ and they aren’t allowed to live long.

  • Megan

    I truly believe in an eye for an eye. Find the biggest/longest pipe that’s ever been created make him wish he’d never been born.

  • Nunyabiz

    Anyone think it may be the son!?? Fathers and sons have similar voices and the son may be as old as 16? Doesn’t say in article..

  • zach

    lock him up beat him with a baseball bat every week of his sentence till he’s nothing more than a cripple. when he gets out give him a gun and a bullet…he’ll know what to do. piece of trash doesn’t deserve the right to breathe

  • Adele

    Kill him!! This is where u have no sympathy not do I want to listen to his excuses! Let’s do testing on THESE ANIMALS, these are the ones to be afraid off!!!!!!!!!!

  • Santa Claus

    Wait. I thought according to the GOP, ‘homosexuals were the only people who molested children.’ This guy appears to be heterosexual. How can this be?

  • P.H

    I would treat him like in the movie Law Abiding Citizen. I would inject the scum with the paralyzing medicine so he could feel every ounce of pain inflicted upon him but could not move or do anything about it!

  • Anna

    This fool is sick in the head and deserves to be tortured,no food for a very long time and then put to death just like a lethal injection bcause what he did to this baby,he may as well as killed her cause he ruined and took away her life!!He doesn’t deserve to even breathe!!Smdh!!

    • Gene Jackson

      If he checks into Pc then the wolfs will check in right behind him and that said you can run but you can’t hide. They will cut his head off and kick it down the walk. No one knows nothing. You hear of that all the time for Child abusers and more about the sickos that violate them and do as this animal has committed . I saw a post from someone stating that he won’t make it to court. I believe that he will be beat and a celly lying on his belly in county hall and if that Lifer hits in county then he very well may be taken out before he ever gets to the big box.

      Chi-mo : Child-molester, “chester,” “baby-raper,” “short-eyes,”
      (as, “he has short-eyes,” meaning he goes after young kids). The worst of the rapo class in the eyes of convicts.

  • Saxxon

    He probably can’t be kept alive long enough for the torture he deserves. This is a case where I disagree with the founders – cruel punishment is appropriate for this guy.

  • Bre

    He won’t live a week once the other inmates find out what he did. Prison justice is way better than most know.

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