Siloam Mom Accused Of Lifting Daughter By Neck, Swinging Her Side-To-Side

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A Siloam Springs woman was arrested Tuesday after police said she picked up her 15-month-old daughter by the neck and swung her side-to-side.

Felicia Atkinson, 27, was arrested on suspicion of endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree domestic battery and second-degree assault on a family member. She remained Wednesday in the Washington County Detention Center on $5,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Atkinson’s arraignment is set for May 16, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect was at a home on Christian Avenue in Springdale when she started “going off” on everybody in the house, accusing people of stealing her purse, eyewitnesses told police.

Atkinson then grabbed her daughter by the neck with both hands and lifted the child off of the ground, saying she was going to leave, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The suspect swung the child side-to-side by the neck several times while eyewitnesses tried to retrieve the girl from the woman, police said. The woman’s uncle then tackled the suspect, and bystanders took the child from the woman, according to the preliminary report.

A bystander told police the child and her sibling had been living at the home with family for the last three months. The mother sometimes visited, but lived elsewhere, police said.

The suspect has a history that includes arrests on suspicion of fourth-degree sexual assault and introducing a controlled substance into the body of another person, according to the preliminary report.


  • sexymama


  • Twitch

    This is exactly why I don’t watch the news. They publish stories that can devastate innocent people’s lives based off of hearsay. Then ya got lynch mobs that form without even giving a second thought too the accuracy of the story!
    This woman hasn’t & never would abuse a child…let alone her own.
    I personally know Felicia. I have lived with her, her children & seen first hand how she interacts & how much they love each other. Her main focus has always held true to the well being of her children. It was inspiring & helped me realize areas I was lacking with my own children. Felicia has more love for children than anyone I’ve met.
    This News report has slandered a struggling single mother in the worst of ways…& not one person I’ve seen questions the accuracy of it.
    I personally know the people who gave the statements that night. They are of questionable character, thieves, liars & always act with a hidden agenda.
    There was no child harmed on the night this horrendous story was fabricated & Felicia was left with no option but to act out of self defense!
    But yet, this story airs without anyone contacting Felicia to inquire about Her side of the story. A
    Acts like this…& people like you are why I’m ashamed to be an American & aren’t we supposed to be in innocent until proven guilty?? No wonder this world is in decline…

  • Lisa

    Twitch, you may know this person, but as we all know as soon as someone gets caught doing something illegal and horrible ever yons says, “this person was so nice, I can’t believe they did it”. People snap and we do not know, she could have been on drugs and some people on drugs and high stress do horrible things. You were not there either. You are the reason people like Obama are in office and agree with abortions . Do not slander people on this site if you were not there. You have no clue either. The courts will figure it out with evidence and eyewitness accounts.

    • Twitch

      There hasn’t been one nice word said about her…or did ya miss that?
      If the you’re so confident the courts are compitent enough to find the truth…why bother even commenting?!
      Listening to These “eyewitnesses” stories is a complete waste of taxpayers dollars when there’s no credibility. I’m not slandering anyone…just stating facts which you obviously missed in my first comment…

  • Lisa

    By the way, I didn’t miss any facts because what you stated were not proven facts. Only the investigators and courts have the facts.

  • tammy burns

    First let me say this if she did do this she needs help second if she didnt do it hopefully it will be proven in court and third what has the president got to do with it just because he pro-life? I am too I believe that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body that doesn’t mean I am a baby killer neither does that mean he is. Some people really need to stick to what they know and dont blame everything on the president Lisa u sound like those stupid Republicans.
    If the sun doesnt shine they blame it on the President. SMH

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