Students Making School Threats Could Face Jail Time

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More than a dozen school threats have led to a string of student arrests. Authorities said those arrested will face serious consequences if convicted.

Juvenile prosecutor Seth Creed said kids under the age of 16 who make a school threat could face 90 days in a juvenile detention center or up to 24 months of probation.

He said that students over the age of 16 could be tried as adults and face time in prison.

"The juvenile code is to rehabilitate a juvenile, but with an adult offender, the goal is not to rehabilitate them. It's more of a punishment," Creed said.

Diana Harder has a 16-year-old daughter and said kids at that age just aren't thinking.

"Any action is going to have a reaction, and this action can haunt you for the rest of your life," Harder said.

Creed said if a person is convicted of a felony, the charge could be on their record for up to 10 years depending on their age and circumstance concerning school threats.

He said the typical charges in school threat situations are terroristic threatening or communicating a false alarm.

On April 15, two different juveniles were arrested in connection to threats. A 16-year-old student was arrested in Hartford for threatening a coach.

In the Lincoln school system, police say a 12-year-old student is facing a felony charge of communicating a false alarm for writing a bomb threat in a bathroom stall.

There have been multiple arrests in connection to school threats since April 1.


  • Sean

    Some kid made a threat at Beard elementary in Ft Smith, and my kids said she was there the next day to make up her test. Sorry but I don’t want my kid having to deal with the weakest links in society.

    With the amount of kids threatening I see no reason why we can’t put all the juvenile terrorists in one school and let them deal with each other.

    People do what they’re allowed to do. If there were any real consequences we wouldn’t see as much of this bs

  • Johnny Porter

    They won’t do anything to these kids.

    That is what is wrong with society today, the fact that kids know they can get by with murder.

    • Mark Smith

      Ummm No one was murdered. Here’s your sign. Hysteria has replaced common sense. Should the kids be punished yes. Should they be tried as adults? No.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    The parents need their attention gotten. If that child is a minor, then the parent is responsible for the child. If the parent had to do a little community service with their child, then it might make an impact on furture behavior of the child. parents don’t like to have to take off work for anything, much less something involving discipline of their child. Only when the parent has something that inconveniences them will we see a difference in behaviors of this type.

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