Police: Van Buren Man Strikes A Woman’s Car Window

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A man is being sought after he was reportedly seen on video striking the window of a woman’s vehicle, according to a post on the Van Buren Police Department Facebook page.

The incident took place in the Walmart parking lot, and afterwards, the man drove off in what appeared to be a green Ford Ranger pickup.

Authorities are seeking the suspect’s identity, and if anyone can help, they are encouraged to call the Van Buren Police Department at 479-474-1234 or the River Valley Crimestoppers tip line at 78-CRIME.


  • joesumone

    This is the dumbest thing to come along since the “My niece was hit by a bullet from the gun range but I didn’t report it to the police or take her to the hospital so sign my petition so that I can get money” story.

    Did he break the window? Maybe he was trying to balance himself before he fell. More details would be nice. At least I didn’t get a news alert about this.

    • victim

      No, joesumone this man was not trying to balance himself!! He attacked my car by hitting the drivers side window full force three time! Walmart has video of the whole episode and there were at least 8 witnesses.

      • joesumone

        Maybe they want to get his side of the story. If KFSM would show the video of the “incident”, all of it, this story might be different. It could, and I stress could, show what set him off, say possibly coming close to getting struck by a car with an inattentive driver. He may be the type of person that would give someone a verbal reprimand and then move on. I know if I was almost struck by a car driven by an inattentive driver, I would probably have a similar reaction.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    The person exhibited threatening behavior towards the driver, and passengers of the vehicle. he verbally threatened and cussed the driver. This is unacceptable behavior, and is just one of the many types of behavior that should not be tolerated in today’s society. It would have a different ending had he also pulled out a handgun and blown everyone away. Obviously this man needs help of some kind, so if you know who he is, please help by identifying him.

    • joesumone

      Oh, so the driver was being a dumba$$ and nearly hit the older man. That is more than likely what happened. Just kinda odd for someone to pick out a car full of people in the Walmart parking lot and “exhibit threatening behavior” for no reason.

  • tom

    Maybe she did not yield the right of way to a pedestrian, happens all the time with crazy women drivers in store parking lots.

  • Marty Phillips

    Well someone is feeling like a “victim” today. Why don’t you explain to everyone what happened to provoke him to do this rather than being a “victim”. Would like to see the entire video. There are always 2 sides to every story! We want to hear what you did to provoke him! And, won’t feel sorry for you until we do! Now where is that video!

  • melinda

    Crawford.County police department is Scandalous. They don’t give the innocent people a fighting chance & judge medlock sends innocent people to prison cause he either don’t like them or is predjudice against them

  • N/A

    Wal-Mart is a horrible place as it is…Lol. Also, I’m a little disappointed in some of you, being so hypocritical, saying “well we dont really know what happened” and then insist that the driver did something to irritate him. Why be so rude? You didnt see the video footage, right?…….just saying. Also, any one of you would be pissed if someone broke your windows to your vehicle for any reason, so stop acting like this driver cant play the victim card.

    • joesumone

      The individual posting as “victim” stated earlier that the window was not broken. As far as being hypocritical, I was just postulating a plausible cause. As far as we know, the only people who have seen the video are VBPD. I do hope they provide the video to the public and not just the part where it shows him “exhibiting threatening behavior” but the part that shows from the point he left the store.

    • Marty Phillips

      You are so right, N/A! I would be upset if someone broke my windows if I did something to provoke them to do so. And, I’d probably deserve it. But, someone else would have called the law and they would have drove up on a serious fight in the parking lot. N/A, are you related to the victim or possibly the victim herself using another name on the page?

  • Rhonda Mabry

    she probably came close to hitting him……I`m far from elderly and it has happened to me many times by people that evidently don`t know that PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY!!!……..I for one, wouldn`t believe either person until i saw the ENTIRE video…..I find it very hard to believe that ANY elderly people are roaming the WalMart parking lot looking for cars to beat on just because they can……….WalMart and Crawford County………can anyone spell DRAMA????

  • atc8824

    I have nearly been hit in the cross walks at Walmart and I had my child with me.Some people will not stop at the stop signs walmart has in place.Was she rich and in a SUV is so she automatically thinks people should yield for her or him.

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