Soldier Returns Home After Being Deployed For 6 Years

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Anthony Mason returned home Saturday (April 19), after serving six years in the military as an artillery soldier. He was last deployed in Hawaii.

Mason was medically retired for an injury suffered while serving in Afghanistan. He was greeted at the airport by lots of friends and family.

"It felt really good. I wasn't really expecting anything like this, so it made me feel really good about what I've accomplished so far," said Mason.

His mother-in-law, Wanda Carlin, said she now admires Mason more than she thought she could for the sacrifices he made for his family.

The Patriot Riders were at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and gave Mason an appropriate welcome home. He was also presented a quilt of valor by the Bella Vista Decorative artist. They said this was their first time being able to present the valor to a disabled soldier in person.

Mason said his wife and children accompanied him during his deployment. His wife, Beth Mason, said it was an adjustment for them, but they made it work.

"It's interesting, it really is; but you have a huge support network because everybody's leaving at the same time, you have the other spouses and all the other kids that are going through it," said Beth Mason.

Mason said he was happy to be close to his family again and was looking forward to "getting some normal food."

He said he hopes that all the other soldiers still fighting for the country make it home safely like he did.


  • joesumone

    Yeah, it sounds like he was assigned to Hawaii, and deployed from there. The military doesn’t let you take your family with you during deployments, they let you take them when you PCS (Permanent Change of Station). That’s great and all that he and his family are home, but KFSM and/or the individual needs to realize there are vets in the area and will call them out for corrections when necessary.

  • JR Gibbs

    I am not understanding the story at all. How long was he in Hawaii and what was his injuries? How did a cannoneer get hurt? Where was he before Hawaii? How long was he in Afganistan. Did he go one time? I don’t usually knock the reporting but this story has it all wrong. Any combat vet will be saying “what”?

  • Mark Smith

    Thank you Mr Mason for your and all the other Veterans who sacrificed and put your life on the line for all of us.

    In terms of the reporting…. 5News, you are failing your obligation to the public. Please make appropriate changes. The stories are poorly written, lack basic information and even have have spelling errors from time to time. 5News is failing it’s mission.

  • Tom Sambo

    Civilians are ignorant (especially “reporters”). This man was NOT deployed for 6 years. Hawaii “an adjustment?” Anyway, thanks for your 6 years of service, including your much shorter deployment to Afghanistan, Anthony.

  • Tonya

    I 100% agree with Mark Smith. 5News reporters SHOULD know how to spell. I see this all the time in their reports. Editing is very important.

  • J

    Welcome,home, troop! I was sent to Hawaii when I was in tha Air Force…we adjusted, too! Anyway, not the soldiers fault this story was botched…in fact, they did him a great disservice by getting their facts too vague and probably wrong. Anyway, I am also an Afghanistan vet, and appreciate what you have been through. Thank God you are home safe and I hope you enjoy being back in the land of the free-you helped keep it that way!

  • Eric

    First I am glad that he made it home safe to his family from Afghanistan…… But I am very hurt from an actual deployed miltary persons point of view. I was stationed in Hawaii once for three years, and they had normal food there. What do you think they eat over there, dirt and not normal food? It is not a deployment if you take your family with you. I have been on numerous deployments with the Navy, out to sea and even to Iraq. Now I have been deployed for the last two years to two places that I can’t take my family to. Two years without my family. That is a deployment. I am disgusted at how poorly written this article is. Yes I have been home to visit my family, but have not been with them for 22 of the last 24 months. Please fix this before you make the service member look bad to his fellow soldiers and military brothers and sisters.

  • Sergeant Slaughter

    These news sites need to have a Veteran on their staff to consult before releasing these stories to the public. At least the basics would be covered this way. And thanks for your service Mr. Mason.

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