Fort Smith Fight Sends One to Hospital

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Fort Smith police are searching for multiple suspects in a fight that left one hospitalized Monday night.

Officers responded to The Grand Mart on Grand Avenue in Fort Smith, where police said there was a large fight involving several people.

Authorities on scene said one victim was hospitalized with multiple lacerations to the body and a fractured skull.

The victim was taken to Sparks Hospital, where the person was described as being in stable condition.

Authorities did not release the name of the person injured.


    • jay

      atc8824 you’ve never been in a fight before? I remember when I was a kid living in Mt. Burg, a bunch of guys would get together to go fight the Alma guys. None of them was in a gang or considered themselves a gang. So why do these guys have to be in a gang? Is it because they live on the northside of Ft. Smith? I say it’s better that they fight instead of shooting each other.

      • atc8824

        Apparently you do not know Fort Smith as well as I do and no I have never been in a fight because everybody likes me.The gangs are in Fort Smith and if you do not think so then you don’t Fort Smith especially the Northside because I was raised in that area.Latino and black gangs do exist in Fort Smith but if you wanna believe different then that is your right.

  • YeahRight

    no, it was just a bunch of idiots who blame everything but themselves for the failures of their lives while trying to act hardcore in the Fort Smith ghetto.

  • ns

    @YeahRight, That was the dose of laughter i needed!! If you have been over in that area or lived there for a bit, you would know just how “hardcore” these grown up juveniles are. prayers to the ones injured.

  • YeahRight

    Oh yeah, I know the area and Fort Smith very well. “Hardcore” indeed. lol!

    Hardcore idiots is the closest they’ll ever come to being considered ‘hardcore’

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