I-540 Signs Come Down as I-49 Signs Go Up

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The Interstate 540 signs are coming down Monday (April 21) as the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department prepares to put up new Interstate 49 signs.

The sign transition will begin where Interstate 40 changes over to Interstate 540 in Alma. Crews will then work on changing the signs north along the interstate until reaching Bella Vista.

Highway administrators said I-49 in Arkansas would be apart of a larger project, connecting the Gulf of Mexico to Canada.

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  • Sean

    This road work is terrible. Instead of completing an area and moving on to the next, it appears they have spread out and are working on many areas at the same time, with none of them completed.

    I’ve already had $2500 worth of repairs to my suspension and wheels due to crazy uneven lanes and giant dips and bumps on the interstate road work.

    Some days they work, other days it’s sunny and warm and I see idle equipment for miles with nobody using it.

    • Hayden Hodges

      I agree. Granted, I am not a civil engineer, however it puzzles me that they strip out the entire section and repair in small portions. I’m sure that they have their reasons though, and trust me, I have thought about it very abstractly as it pertains to the flow of traffic, timing, etc…

      However, they do the same thing on Hwy 22 when they are making minor repairs/updates to it. They’ll block off about two miles or so and only work on one hundred yards worth. And then they wonder why people driving to and from work/home get upset.

    • Moi

      Welcome to Arkansas where there’s never enough money to do the job right, so they do a half-assed job and call it good, then give the Highway Commissioner a big bonus.

  • Shawn

    I figure when They’re saying this is part of a “larger project”, besides connecting the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, they’ll eventually install toll booths along parts of I-49 to help pay for it. Don’t be surprised if Arkansas follows suit. Just Saying…

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