8-Year-Old Donates His Money Previously Saved For Playstation 4

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Photo courtesy of CNN.

CNN – An 8-year-old in Texas decided to donate money he had previously saved for a PS4 to buy smoke detectors for the elderly in his community.

Hector Montoya had saved a total of $300 to buy a Playstation 4 gaming console, but after he learned about a fire in Fort Worth that claimed lives, he decided the money would be better spent on smoke detectors.

He spent all his money to buy smoke detectors for older citizens in his community, and his parents say that the entire thing was his idea.

“I was saving the $300 for a PS4, but I said saving a life is more important,” Montoya said.

His family and friends also joined in the effort.

After receiving news of his generosity, Montoya’s friends and other members of the community collected money to surprise him with a PS4. They also donated $150 in addition to that to go toward more smoke detectors.


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