All Clear In Springdale High Bomb Threat; Students Back In Class

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Springdale High students returned to class early Wednesday (April 23) after being evacuated in a bomb threat at the school, officials said.

Students were let back into class about 10:05 a.m. after being out for 1 hour and 18 minutes, said Rick Schaeffer, school district spokesman.

Parents were allowed to pick up students during the threat.

The evacuation happened after scribblings that included the word "bomb" were found on a wall outside the school, Schaeffer said.

The message was noticed when the first students arrived this morning, he said.

Students were evacuated to the football stadium while authorities investigated the threat. Schaeffer said no students were allowed inside the building during the evacuation.

The Bentonville Police Department bomb-sniffing dog was at the high school early Wednesday as authorities swept the campus, looking for any dangerous device, authorities said.

No bomb was found, and no one was injured in the incident, officials said.



  • Sarah 1

    All schools should be fitted with metal detectors at a front door and students should enter and from that portal only. Summer break would be a great time to do the work. Safety first.

    To whomever is creating this havoc in local schools, STOP. This is so not funny. Maybe a law should be passed that whomever does this ‘threat’ activity, whether by phone or writing on the school property, should have a mandatory one year term in the city jail?

    • Thundertoday

      What do metal detectors have to do with kids writing fake bomb threats on walls? ….It’s fake!

  • BJM

    I’m sure this is being done by juveniles for the most part. They won’t do any time for it and they know it.

  • Kim

    Exactly no time! Put them in juvenile detention
    For a year that is what they need! This is ridiculous I
    Have never seen so many bomb threat evacuation
    For schools in all my life ! What is wrong with
    These kids — they get no punishment???

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