Craigslist Ad: Time Machine Technician Needed ASAP!

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Photo courtesy of CNN.

Somebody must need their flux-capacitor powered DeLorean car fixed to travel back in time.

A Craigslist ad in Tacoma, Wash., is up and seeking a “time machine technician,” according to a report from affiliate station KCPQ.

“So I had a huge lapse in judgment and made a huge mistake today,” begins the posting in the ‘computer gigs’ subsection.  “Usually – no problem: go back and fix it. But I went to fire up my Jumper and lo and behold it’s broken and I’m in the wrong century to get it fixed.”

The apparent time traveler believes they may have a “bender” in need of repair. Whatever the true problem is, it seems they are stuck until Doc Brown and Marty McFly can help him/her out.

Read the full story on our affiliate station’s website KCPQ – Channel 13 by clicking here. 

Below is a screenshot of the ad.

Photo courtesy of KCPQ.

Photo courtesy of KCPQ.


  • JamesTown

    Haven’t had the opportunity to work on a jumper in years, since I got stuck here long ago when I was testing the first upgraded jumpers. I still have some service manuals stored in my lower mental cavity. Please let me know the model you have and I will download the proper manual to you directly (wall communication only for now).

  • R71

    Another problem with time travel is that if you go backwards or forwards any amount of time, the Earth will be in a different orbit around the Sun (moving at 66600 mph) and it also rotates, possibly leaving the prospective time traveler either deep within our crust or halfway to the moon in space.

    Think about that ladies, before you go accepting rides from handsome time agents.

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