Deputy Prosecutor Discusses Penalties For School Bomb Threats

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Seth Creed, a deputy prosecuting attorney in Washington and Madison counties, recently appeared on "5NEWS This Morning," discussing the potential penalties that await students who leave bomb threats at schools.

In this segment that aired on April 20, Creed was interviewed by 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry.



  • objectivefodder

    We all know we live in a data controlled Orwellian Police State. Parents, don’t you tell your children the risks of being marked for life? What gives? These children will NEVER be able to adapt and adjust to normalcy ever again. No Collegiate grants or possible entrance to register. No military entrance. No civil service admittance. Future? Yeah, sure. Welcome to the machine. Background checks reported by companies, only to be forced (by default) into potential slave class poverty or worse, a future of criminal influence. After all, you’ll be in the company of other offenders and be kept down.

    • Bob

      Every person in this country has a moral duty to defy unjust laws. Just because some joker says writing the word bomb is a threat does not make it so in the minds of these kids. Its is a complete joke to lock these kids up for standing against this BS! I hope I am on one of these kids Jury!

    • ozarkobjectivefodder

      I agree ArkyDiva. Thanks for your constructive criticism! I wrote this on another post earlier today (on my public Facebook page. It was an “open letter” to a magistrate running for office here in NWA. It’s also posted on a competitive television station regarding today’s Greenwood Schools Bombing fiasco. Let me know if I got my point across. “Too many kids repeatedly pulling off “foolishness” in our region with “copycat” bomb threats. It’s clearly ignorant acting out. Can’t you create a taskforce committee to stop the insanity? Our police state system has everyone marked now, even minors and juveniles. Their future is already blemished and altered now. Everyone educated knows this. With the factual data readily available about their futures, either parents aren’t conveying the reality of potential detriment of the futures of these children, or they simply don’t care. Or, they don’t have the mentality or ability to teach their kids the potential adverse repercussions and consequences of their actions. With that being said, are the public schools and local law enforcement responsible for educating these children of the societal, economic and judicial consequences of their actions? Or, are we creating a society of those intelligent with good parenting vs. that citizenry lessor educated and bright? There’s a gap, who’s responsible for fixing it?”

  • Bob

    Writing the word bomb on a wall some place is not a credible threat! These jokers closing schools and sending kids to prison need to retire! Kids are gonna be kids and taunt authority etc.. We don’t wage war on em, jack booted thugs the lot of you! Any Jury concerned with justice will see this stuff for what it is. Kids being kids! Its one thing to phone in a threat or make direct threats. It something entirely different to write the word bomb on a wall or bathroom stall. Every person on the planet has a moral duty to defy unjust laws. Just because some joker says wrinting the word bomb is a threat does not make it so in the minds of these kids. Its is a complete joke to lock these kids up for standing against this BS!

  • Cindy ramey

    At that age kids wouldn’t realize that thier future may be jeopardy.
    Maybe of they would threaten the parents with jail time for thier doing this
    I don’t think thier will be a problem. Especially after the parents talk to thier childrem about a threat.

    • Thundertoday

      Cindy…I don’t usually do this because we’re all guilt of misspelling words but, you typed the word THEIR, as THIER…four times! Please take note of the correct spelling…Thank you.

  • Reality

    “Unjust laws” .. Who determines which laws are unjust ? We are a nation of laws, and being so we have processes to make the laws we all must abide by as well as repeal those we as a society deem unjust. Individuals who decide to live outside the rules will be judged against the rules society has adopted. It’s really not difficult.

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