Poll Shows Pryor Leading Cotton By 10 Points

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A new poll shows that Sen. Pryor, D-AR, leads Rep. Cotton, R-AR, in the senate race.

The new poll shows that Pryor leads Cotton by a total of 10 points, according to a report from affiliate station KTHV.

Pryor has reportedly been considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents, and the GOP are expecting to pick up his seat in the 2014 midterm election, according to KTHV.

To read the full story from our affiliate station KTHV – Channel 11, click here.


  • RegulationNation

    it’ll be a sad and pathetic day for Arkansas if Pryor wins. Very pathetic for the citizens of this state.

      • R71

        I doubt the Koch brothers could ever “own” Cotton, a distingished veteran of the Iraq war. How do you feel about the non-American George Soros funding much of the democrat/progressive groups?

        There is NO DOUBT that Pryor OWNS his vote on Obamacare and still defends that vote to this day. Thanks to him, our family is paying twice what we used to for insurance and there are just as many if not more uninsured today.

        You liberals have the state run media of CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, & George Soros (who isn’t even an American) funding all kinds of pacs and organizations and you get your undies in a wad over a couple of guys advocating for limited Constitutional government.

        Your tactics are right in line with Saul Alinsky and failed socialist governments of the past. Pathetic.

      • Bob Gnarly

        @R71: so the Kochs are just pouring all that money into this race just because they are good ol’ boys?

  • Kevin

    The EPA can pretty much make regulations and laws and go unchecked so I think that one ups the Koch brothers. So I think you can stop whining and repeating what your buddy Harry Reid constantly talks about.

    • Bob Gnarly

      The EPA is a government organization designed to benefit ALL citizens by ensuring a better environment for us and future generations.

      It is completely ludicrous to compare it to a pair of rich Kochs who are doing their best to buy up every member of the GOP in order to maximize their profits by polluting the air and water and contaminating the land while exporting our jobs in the name of “free trade”.

  • Dee

    Consume consume consume. What’s wrong with conserving? I don’t understand why conservatives are called conservatives because they are least concerned with conserving.

  • Dee

    Definition of liberal: favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me.

  • txkreddog

    The New York Times, as everyone with a brain realizes, has deteriorated from a news source to a mouthpiece for the liberals. Democrats are “whistling past the graveyard” with these poll numbers. Pryor, like Blanche Lincoln, will be held accountable for his actions this November. If Pryor gets elected again, the voters in Arkansas will get what they deserve, a supporter of the most arrogant, racist, corrupt administration in modern history.

    • Gerald

      @Dee if someone disagrees with you they’re a racists? We’re all on to that card. You’ll have to get a new one. That don’t fly anymore!

  • Sam

    Harry Greed can say anything on the senate floor and not be held libel for it. The low information voter has no clue to this little fact and believes anything that comes out of his mouth.

    • Bob Gnarly

      The term “low information voter” is very popular among “low information quoters”. The people who use words and phrases from the Rush Limpbaugh lexicon rather than thinking for themselves.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Perhaps Senator Reed needs to work on his delivery. Would you suggest that he fake some tears like House Speaker Boehner did on the day he asked his fellow representatives to vote for the Wall Street Bailout?

  • atc8824

    I am Independent voter and usually vote Republican but there is something about Tom Cotton, he seems shady.My personal reason for not voting Cotton is some of the men in my family really like Cotton and they are the men that think women should be barefoot,pregnant and in the kitchen and that women shouldn’t be a CEO or even president.I do not think Cotton is racist but I do think he needs improvement in some area’s.I vote for people I think can do the job rather it be Democrat or Republican.If Republican’s run Jeb Bush I will not vote for another Bush that would be like voting in another Obama.

  • Sam

    I agree Gary, Pryor helped obama to push the biggest tax increase in history on the American people via obamacare.

  • Tom Sambo

    If Pryor wins, it will just show how ignorant how people really are to what he and Obama have done to destroy America.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Yeah, like that time he lied and said that Saddam Hussein had ties to Osama Bin Laden and that Iraq had nukes and we needed to go to war with them.Or that time he had House Speaker Boehner crying on the House floor while asking other representatives to vote for the Wall-Street bail-out. or that time he said he didn’t know who exposed undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame when it was actually him who had her outed likely compromising many undercover operations and agents around the world!

      Oh, wait, that was George W. Bush…


  • Tom Sambo

    And do not put much faith in a poll conducted by the ultra-liberal NY Times. I am quite sure this poll is skewed toward democRATs.

  • Thundertoday

    Pryor should walk the plank like good ol’ lying Blanche Lincoln did. She got her’s and it’s time for Pryor to get his before it’s too late….If it isn’t already too late?

    • Dora

      Don’t be so fast to say Lincoln waled the plank. So discourteous.

      Senator Blanche Lincoln worked FOR Arkansas.  She was chairman of the Agriculture Committee. A very prestigious committee especially since Arkansas is an agriculture state. Senator Boozman will never attain her level of seniority in the Senate, and Seniority is everything in the Senate. 

      Lincoln was the first woman and the first Arkansan to serve as Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

      Arkansans had a brass ring and let her go. Her departure has not fared well for Arkansas in the least. Look at our farmers and their loan situation in the eastern corridors of our state.  Lincoln would have had their backs. No, instead we have junior Senators and Congressmen (except Pryor) clawing to get some attention and notice among their peers which isn’t going to happen. Seniority IS everything in DC.

  • Equality

    Democrat or Republican their all the same. They pander to certain groups to get voted in office while at the same time putting money in their pockets from the rich and big corporations. There is more millionaires in congress now than ever before. Is it just me or is something wrong people getting elected to office and becoming millionaires. We just want to believe that our Democrats are going to look out for the poor or our Republicans are going to stand up for our gun rights. Their one in the same.

  • arnold fudpucker

    Pryor has to go. Cotton may not be the ultimate choice but he is vastly better than “legacy boy” Pryor. Besides it would do Mark some good to be out there earning a living instead of living off the gubbamint teet. He will learn that being a liberal is not such a good thing if you have to actually work for a living.

  • Sarah 1

    Mark Pryor ten points up! Be sure you get your friends out to vote in November. Pryor is an Arkansan with excellent values and a true caring heart for our senior citizens.
    Cotton wants to move the age of Social Security benefits to age seventy, we have too many poor people in our state for that action. Also Cotton supports turning Medicare into a voucher system. When you go over your allotted amount, you pay big bucks.
    Cotton would immediately take away the Affordable Care Act. I love having insurance and so do my friends.
    Go Pryor!

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