State And Federal Agents Raid Springdale Home For Meth: Three Arrested

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Three suspects were arrested after Springdale authorities seized a large amount of cash and 5.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine on Friday (April 18).

The arrests came as a result of a two-month-long investigation targeting large-scale meth distributors operating in Springdale, according to Springdale police.

Police said the three suspects arrested were identified as Andres Diaz, Jonni Diaz and Javier Duran-Moreno.

They said Andres Diaz and Jonni Diaz are both facing charges in the federal court system. Duran-Moreno is facing charges in state court.

They were residing at 2205 B Pin Oak Drive in Springdale at the time their arrests. In addition to seizing the drugs and cash, authorities seized a 2002 Nissan Frontier pickup truck and a 2007 H3 Hummer, according to Springdale police.

Arkansas State Police, Springdale Police and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration were all involved in the raid on April 18.

Officers executed a search warrant for the residence and located a glass pipe in the back pocket of Duran-Moreno when he was searched, according to a probable cause report from the Washington County Prosecutor's Office.

The cash, totaling $98,853.00, was located underneath the bedroom dresser wrapped individually in plastic and black tape, according to the report.

One baggie of meth was found in the laundry room, and the rest was found buried in a bucket underneath a freshly-planted flower bed in the back yard, according to the report.

Further details revealed by the investigation showed that all three suspects recently moved into the area from Barstow, Calif., to further their meth distribution operation.

Duran-Moreno is believed to be an illegal alien within the U.S., according to the report. He faces charges of Possession of Meth with Purpose to Deliver and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


  • Ishmail Dentor

    If I put on here what I really think, the post police and local liberals would all get in a big dither and start running around in circles screaming “there’s a conservative among us”. Suffice to say that it wouldn’t bother me if all three ceased breathing air. Besides that, it would take a little burden off the taxpayer.

  • Reality Checker

    Seriously … “Mexidale”? Please tell me where is the all-white Rightwing Teabagger Eutopia that you live in there Suds Sucker? Too bad we don’t still have Ronnie Reagan in office, he knew how to handle those fence jumpers didn’t he? He managed take time between his 11 tax hikes to give 3 million of them amnesty. On the other hand, Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than Bush. So … Beer Boy, what exactly is your point?

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