Tontitown Waste Clean Up Nearing Completion

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Residents in Tontitown had to deal with a different type of waste pickup during the week.

On Monday (April 21), a truck that was carrying dehydrated human waste for the city of Huntsville to a landfill in Tontitown, had a valve open and leaked waste about two miles down Klenc road.

People in the area said when the spill happened it was an awful smell in town. Crews were out Monday cleaning the waste off the roads. Officials said Tuesday(April 22) morning lime was laid on the roads to cover the smell.

Wednesday, people in the area told 5NEWS they were happy with how the clean up had been going. They said they could no longer smell anything and they felt the city had been working efficiently to clean the street.

One resident said the whole ordeal had her leery of all the trucks going up and down Klenic road. She said they had no idea human waste was being transported to the landfill out there.

Residents said they wished the incident had never happened, but they were happy with how fast the process has been and hoped Thursday, (April 24) would bring rain to wash all the waste, and their problems away.


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