Waldron Dog Euthanization Rumor Leads To Mass Adoption

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A rumor stating the Waldron mayor was planning on euthanizing all dogs in the city’s shelter has led to a mass adoption of pets in the River Valley community, the mayor’s office says.

The rumor started circulating earlier this week on online social media, urging people to adopt dogs from the City of Waldron Animal Shelter to stop the city from euthanizing all of the dogs in the coming days.

Mayor Don Owens told 5NEWS the rumors are false, and he has made no such orders. Many dogs, though, are being taken off of the city’s hands because of the rumor.

Owens said several more dogs than usual have been adopted from the shelter this week, including four or five Wednesday. He said he believed the shelter housed about 16 dogs.

“If everyone who called and said they’re going to come pick them up do, they might be gone by the end of the day,” he said.

The mayor said the shelter does sometimes have to euthanize animals to make room for new ones, but there is no current order to euthanize the dogs. The city has put down about eight dogs in the span of the last few years, he said.

If the dogs promised to potential owners are not picked up, there is no plan to put them down in the coming weeks or in the near future, Owens said.

5NEWS contacted the shelter for comment. Employees deferred comment to the mayor’s office.


  • Katherine

    This was no rumor. Rescues don’t have to create these situations,they arrive at our door everyday. You can credit the Director of the Sebastian County Humane Society for her efforts on the behalf of these forsaken dogs, resulting in them being given a reprieve. The Mayor is covering up his intentions for these animals due to the upcoming election.

  • Katherine

    You might want to send a reporter down to see how many dogs were actually adopted, it’s my understanding that these dogs were going to rescues. Be sure to ask for the paperwork on each dog they claim was adopted.

  • Sharron Goodner

    I have two calls from Animal Control Officer on April 22, one at 9:00 am and the other one at 1:36pm. I have two calls from the Animal Control Officer on April 23, one at 9:31am and the other one at 11:23am asking for some place to take the dogs because the Mayor had said they had to be put down today and he had to do what his boss said. The Mayor called at 9:02am asking for some place to take the dogs. I explained that the rescues were all burden and could only take a certain number of dogs. That the shelter had to be worked daily and dogs moved every week. IF THIS IS A RUMOR WHY ARE THESE CALLS ON MY CALLER ID. iS IT RUMOR OR IS IT HARRASSMENT!!

  • Toby

    Why doesn’t the news ever report on the good that happens in Waldron? Its full of good hearted people that are worth mentioning. Please report on something other than the negative. Its not that hard to find something positive to talk about. I just hate that the news can’t or won’t report on the good people in that town.

  • Cat needsbrescue

    I have a cat that needs adopting. She is 3 yr old tabby mix that I got for my daughter but Mom nixed the idea out of fear of allergies. She is INDOOR cat and lonely cause I travel so often (3-4 days a week. Very loving but shy to strangers. Well behaved and loving. Has not been fixed. Call four seven nine, three six six, five five six two

  • Katherine

    It’s the good people in that town that keep reporting the dishonesty of those in leadership. In September alone the mayor put down 15 dogs and 7 cats at a cost to the city of $325.

      • Katherine

        (Stick with your day job, I don’t foresee a career in comedy for you.) As for the dogs in the shelter as of today, APRIL 27, 2014, NINETEEN DOGS STILL AT SHELTER, NEED ADOPTIONS AND RESCUES TO ASSIST.

  • atc8824

    It is sad about the dogs but if the owners of these dogs were responsible and took care of the dogs then they wouldn’t be in shelter or even if they had the animal fixed at least it couldn’t bring more puppies in the world.What are cities supposed to do when they get overcrowded?What bothers me the most is people had rather euthanize people than animals.I am not saying it is right I am saying that the city has to do what it has to do because of irresponsible pet owners.

  • Katherine

    No, the city doesn’t have to euth, there are shelters that will assist with placing dogs, but that would require cooperation of the city working with rescues, which MOST cities do. Not waiting until the shelter is full and compelling rescues to come that DAY or the dogs are going down. Most cities have “Pet of the Week” in the paper, and have them listed on Petfinder. (Please give me an instance of people being euthanized with source.) Just because the original owner did not properly care for their companion animal doesn’t mean we can turn away and do nothing.

    • Fed up

      Katherine I have adopted two shelter dogs in the last year and I can tell you all of the rescues and shelters are completely overflowing because of the pet population. I am a firm believer in the statement there are no bad dogs just bad owners. These irresponsible people continue to let their animals breed and then dump the dogs thinking they will be saved and they are NOT always saved. Sometimes there is no choice but to euthenize because a lot of these dogs are sick and cannot be saved.
      The leaders in Fort Smith are just at bad. They have messed with the animal ordinances for years and still will not enforce anything. Our wonderful leaders like Kevin Settle and the so called minister Hutchins see nothing wrong with dogs bein picked up by animal control and then euthenized. They think this is better than requiring people to spay, neuter and vaccinate their pets.

    • atc8824

      If the dogs spend their whole life in a small pen and never sees sunlight or get to be a dog do you really think that dog wants to live that way?

      • Katherine

        No one wants the shelter to keep the dogs. We want the city to take pictures and post the dogs online like other cities before killing them. Give them a chance. No one is at the shelter, and no phone # is posted at the shelter if anyone DID come by to see the dogs.

      • atc8824

        You have your opinion and I have mine and I am not gonna argue my own opinion.They are gonna do what they are gonna do regardless of either one of our opinions.

      • Fed up

        I don’t recall anyone saying they are better off living in cages. I think Katherines point is they don’t try to find homes for the dogs and my point was that if owners were more responsible there would not be a need for shelters. I know for a fact that some shelters in this area are not shelters at all. These dogs are treated very well and don’t stay in little cages but have nice big indoor pens and areas to run and play just like they would at a home.

    • Katherine

      Although that’s an interesting theory, prefer to stay on topic which is the Waldron dogs still need homes or rescue.

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