Students Face Felony Charges In School Threats, Fake Kidnapping

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Three local children are facing felony charges after police said they made false reports. Two of the arrests are linked to bomb threats made at schools, and the other arrest is for an allegedly fabricated abduction.

Washington County juvenile case worker Seth Creed said there are lasting repercussions for these children who have become suspects in serious crimes.

“This can potentially be on your record for up until 10 years,” he said.

Creed also said the charges may prevent the kids from ever being able to join the military, vote and also prevent them from getting some jobs.”

Many in the community feel that the potential punishment for these youths is well deserved.

Rescha Smith, a mother from Northside High School in Fort Smith, said that because of the threats, she is counting down the days until her son is out of school.

Creed said anyone at least 16 years old can be tried as an adult when convicted of a Class D felony.

Creed further points out that if those tried as adults are found guilty of the charges or if they plead guilty, they could be facing six years in prison.  He said these things “shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

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  • Mark Smith

    12, 15 and 16 year old felons? Just because of hysterical teachers and dried up pta members want to impose zero tolerance policies to feed their sense if power at the expense of critical thinking? Shame. We should have zero tolerance for such administrators. They should benfelons for failing students so miserabely.

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