Springdale Hazmat Crew Responds To Fuel Spill

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A hazmat crew responded to a fuel spill Friday afternoon (April 25) at a Springdale gas station.

The spill at the Phillips 66 at 4451 N. Thompson St. happened just past noon and temporarily caused a slowdown in lunch time traffic at the intersection of North Thompson Street and Wagon Wheel Road.

The spill was caused when a tanker truck operated by Dana Leasing System ran over a ground cover at the gas station, causing the cover to pop up and rupture the truck’s saddle tank, said Mike Dixon, deputy director at the Benton County Emergency Management Agency. A below-ground tank also ruptured.

An estimated 50 to 70 gallons of fuel spilled in the incident, with about 20 gallons of that being diesel fuel and the remainder being gasoline, Dixon said.

No one was injured in incident. Crews soaked up the spill, which was contained to the gas station parking lot, by using an absorbent. The spill did not present any public health risks, Dixon said.

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  • Blueskiestoday

    The cover the driver ran over that caused the leak was in the grassy area. He would stay on the pavement this wouldn’t have happened.

    Was the driver issued a ticket??? It doesn’t say in the article at this time if he was? (11:01 am)

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