Fayetteville Man Allegedly Strikes Mother, Threatens To Cut Her Throat

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A Fayetteville man has been arrested after allegedly striking his mother multiple times and threatening to cut her throat.

The man, identified as Zackery Kath, 24, was arrested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office after dispatch received a call from his mother, Kimberly Gamblin, 48, and she said that he hit her and threatened to kill her, according to a probably cause report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

As deputies arrived on the scene at Clearwater Road, they were informed that Kath had left the house on foot from the back yard, according to the report.

Authorities were already in the area because a similar call for help had come from the area, but no address or phone number were obtained.

Eventually, authorities met with Kath’s mother Gamblin and his girlfriend, identified as Deborah Drown, 27. They both live in the same residence with Kath.

Both women said Kath had been upset all day because he couldn’t find work and had no money. He was also upset because he ran out of cigarettes and didn’t have gas or money to get more, according to the report.

As he grew more and more angry, he allegedly started arguing with Drown, and Gamblin intervened, according to the report.

After she intervened, Kath allegedly slapped her on the left side of her face and told her he was going to kill her, according to the report.

Gamblin said that she called the non-emergency line for police and Kath slapped her again, so, she quit trying to call, according to the report.

Drown said that during the argument, Kath hit her with his palm in the side of the head while she was holding their 15-month-old son. She described the strikes similar “to being punched with the open palm to the side of her forehead,” according to the report.

Drown also said she remembered being hit about four times by Kath, and on a scale of one to ten, her pain was near a five or six, according to the report. Gamblin said her pain was about a four on the same scale.

As Kath ran off into the woods behind the residence, he allegedly told them he would be back later to cut their throats, according to the report.

Authorities went into the woods after Kath and eventually caught up with him. He denied hitting either person or threatening to kill them and was taken into custody, according to the report.

He was transported to the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of domestic battery, 3rd degree, terroristic threatening and endangering the welfare of a minor.


  • gaybo

    What is with 5 news editors. There are so many typos in every single report written on here. Must be high school drop outs

  • Gray Poupon

    he must have had some of that local made BBQ.

    “It’s so good , that you’ll wanna slap yo mama!!!”

    Better yet, get some for the mama.
    “It so good that you’ll wanna incarcerate yo son!!!”

  • Gray Poupon

    How to not get a job:
    Get prison tats below the eyes.
    Never shave.
    Get arrested for beating ones loved ones or endanger your child.
    Smoke heavily.

    The closest “job” he’ll come to is servicing another inmate or leaching taxpayers this evening.

    • atc8824

      I was told by a little punk I used to work with that tats of tear drops under eye meant you committed murder.The number 13 means that you were found guilty it means 12 jury members and 1 judge.I do not have tats myself and would never have known this if I hadn’t been talking to ex( so called )gang member that had to get job or go to jail.

  • Marie

    Well good. That fixed all his problems didn’t it? The fool hurt the only two people who would probably Ever try to help him or care if he lived or died. Just another stupid life Choice.

  • Sergeant Slaughter

    He needs to become a mobile IED detector in Afghanistan….mount him to the front of a prison chain gang and have them walk a hundred yards in front of the patrol. BOOM. Problem solved.

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