Oklahoma Inmate Dies After Convulsing During Botched Execution

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An Oklahoma inmate died Tuesday following a botched execution in McCalester, according to a report from our partners at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City.

Authorities on Tuesday night injected Clayton Lockett with drugs meant to lull him to sleep and kill him. Instead, Lockett maintained consciousness, and eyewitnesses said he began convulsing. A doctor in the room then decided to stop the execution after a vein line blew, according to KFOR.

Lockett then suffered a heart attack and died 43 minutes after the first injection.

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  • royprhodes

    Should just bring back the ROPE and Have a PUBLIC HANGGING.
    And sale Tickets to it. And Have Hamburgers and Drinks..

  • Happy, happy, happy

    No sympathy for this animal. I agree with ArkyDiva. If this happened to more of them on death row there might be fewer who would be committing crimes in OK that lead to deathrow.

  • L T

    He deserved worse. Should have buried him alive just like he did to that poor girl he murdered. Hope the other guy scheduled for execution gets worse. He raped and murdered an 11 month old baby. Karma, it is.

  • Soonerfan

    Did the little baby have a easy death? Fry, hang, shoot him as long as he died. He got what was coming. Move on to the next one and get him. Maybe he will suffer to. Just like their victims and families did.

  • mc

    so what if he suffered a heart attacked if he murdered someone then OH WELL, prisoners have it too easy in prison…its not a luxury hotel it is prison there fore they shouldnt have luxury and a easy way of dieing..if you kill a child u should be put to death the way u killed that child and not put in some prison and given luxury till ur time.so yeah he deserved the heart attack

  • Ishmail Dentor

    All this drug problem and having a doctor present is just bull hockey. Throw a rope around something and hang the useless piece of cesspool matter. Leave him hanging for a couple of days and you will be sure he is dead and won’t need a doctor to tell you. I have NO sympathy for him.

  • Gray Poupon

    What the rednecks here do not realize is that botched executions expose the state to civil and criminal suits. Ever heard of cruel and unusual punishment?

    I’d hate for this to be a catalyst for the reversal of the death penalty for Oklahoma. If the can’t get the correct drugs, the consider other methods rather than botch a lethal injection.

    Only Oklahoma could screw up an overdose, while addicts do it daily… Sad…

    • Beverly

      The litigation will come out of the closet. Yes I know he was convicted and sentenced, but we are a humane country. How we treat the very young, sick, the old, the dying, and prisoners, speaks volumes abour our own civility. God had mercy and so should we as people. This ‘kill’ mentality speaks more to who you are than this specific case ever will.

    • Jcar

      The vicims should be the only ones able to file suit against that piece of Sh1T murderer! He should lose most of his rights when convicted of murder. Scumbag lawyers ruin everything!
      This incident was still much more humane than his evil crime against the victim. Just cut that other Maggots head off with a dull butter knife!!

  • Life!

    Unless that happened to you or your immediate family never critize what IF. Seems like theres always someone that will be violated, lets hope to God it never does happen to You.

  • Blueskiestoday

    Sounds like Oklahoma needs some help from Texas on how to execute an inmate properly. Or just give the POS some crack (drug of choice) and let him O.D.

  • jonathanlk

    Not an eye for an eye. Revenge is not the purpose of justice, it is to protect the innocent. Execution by any method is pre-meditated murder. Murder is not only a crime but it is cruel and unusual no matter how you do it, as is having someone wait on death row to be murdered for many years as we make so many innocent and guilty people do. You can’t exact justice by murdering a worthless scoundrel who murdered someone who was worth much more to society, someone who had a lot to live for. We spend billions on the execution process. It is cheaper to just keep them in jail. Execution is all based on confusion and emotions running high but do not confuse it with justice or doing good. It is still a crime. An eye for an eye doesn’t and can’t always apply. What if he killed 2 good people and he is one bad person. It won’t be even, sorry. It never will be. Also remember now all the innocent people who have been executed for things they didn’t do. It’s a fact that most of the people who were executed based on positive Identification, were found innocent after being executed. That is why it can’t be the sole grounds for prosecution. We live in a backward world here in the land of the free where we have more people in prison than all other countries combined. Is it the land of the free? Just focus on protecting the innocent. Punishing the guilty should not be the prerogative of justice unless our goal is to become like the criminal. Personally I don’t want the blood on my hands. How do you punish someone who commits the crime of buying heroin. Do you go buy heroin to make it even? If he commits suicide at you, do you commit suicide back?

  • Richard S. Drake

    Occasions such as this are a good test of our common humanity – do folks REALLY revel in the death of another? Or does the KFSM website
    just attract more than the usual share of cretins?

    Maybe we should skin them alive? How barbaric a culture should we live in?

  • Roger Barnett

    It was an execution and the person to be executed died so how was it botched? His actions put him in that situation, no remorse or sympathy for him

  • Dora

    The Eighth Amendment people, read it. It guarantees freedom FROM cruel and unusual punishment including torture.

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