Police: Man With Firearms Arrested On U Of A Campus

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man was arrested on the University of Arkansas campus with two firearms, according to an arrest report.

Christopher Hart, 21, was arrested by the University of Arkansas Police Department on Tuesday (April 29), at 3:49 a.m.

The officer was working a special assignment at the David W. Mullins Library when they were approached by a person who said that there was a jeep parked in Lot 7 on campus, and it had been running since 12 a.m., according to the report.

The officer met Hart, who had passed out behind the wheel with the engine running. Hart had bloodshot eyes, according to the report. The officer noted in the report that several cans of alcohol were visible in the rear floorboard.

The officer asked if Hart had been drinking, and he said no, he had just been taking a form of Adderall. Hart did have a prescription for those pills, according to the report.

After checking with a dispatcher, the officer discovered Hart had a concealed carry permit. The officer questioned him about it after seeing several small caliber bullets in the vehicle, and without saying anything, Hart reached his hand into his front left pocket. The officer stopped him, according to the report.

Hart admitted he had a loaded handgun in his front pocket. The officer had Hart get out of the vehicle and asked if he had any more firearms with him. Hart stated he had one more handgun, but it was not loaded, according to the report.

The officer found another loaded handgun in the middle console after searching, according to the report.

Hart was then placed under arrest, and he faces charges of carrying a weapon in a prohibited place and possession of a handgun on school property.



  • Jimmy Bob

    Another example of an idiot with a gun. Thank god anybody and everybody can have a gun. Everyday in the news someone is getting shot by a gun or accidentally shooting themselves or someone else. It’s know wonder how we as a nation love our guns yet we have the most violence and incarceration rates. Well we may not be number one in education but at least we’re number one in something.

  • Jimmy Bob

    Now we have a congressman trying to pass a stand your ground law. To me that just gives another murderer a cop out for there defense trial. When are we going to start having our politicians that we elect into office focus on laws that improve our quality of life instead of trying to get elected by pandering to peoples love for guns.

    • Steve Stevens

      Well. . . Seems as though you truly are about as intelligent as your name implies. Typical liberal philosophy of removing any semblance of personal responsibility from the actor and shifting blame somewhere else in an unveiled attempt to make a political point. . . “Its the gun makers’ fault for making the guns too dangerous; its the automobile makers’ fault for making the car too fast; its the soda makers’ fault for making the soda to sugary. . .” No mention of the individual who misused or mishandled the gun, or who drives the car 100 mph without a wearing a seat belt, or who drinks 17 sugary sodas a day.

      This guy apparently wasn’t supposed to have his conceal carry weapon on campus, yet he did. He got caught and he’ll pay the price for his indiscretions. Simply don’t see what this has to do with efforts to pass a stand your ground law or the pandering to special interest groups.

      • Jimmy Bob

        Steve I take full responsibiity in any decision i make whether it’s good or bad. I don’t blame anybody for anything i’ve done, but you don’t see me walking around with a concealed or open carry to make myself feel like my life has meaning. The stand your ground law has nothing to do with this story I just saw a platform to mention it.

    • James Acerra

      Well Jimmy Bob if and I admit this may be a stretch, you are in your home and some person not related to you enters in a forceful manner with a very large screwdriver and lets say outweighs you, intent on bodily harm as well as loot? with Stand your ground you can defend yourself or your family members. Some states do not allow you to do so you must avoid the miscreant and retreat! What say you to that JB!

      • Jimmy Bob

        I don’t see any problem having a gun and protecting your home. If that was to happen I’m sure a jury would see my side of it. What I disagree with is a stand your ground law and add that to someone with a concealed weapon who makes them and they can’t control their tempor and decide to use their gun because they feel it’s justified. Then they use that in the court of law as an excuse. God knows their is enough excuses for people in court now anyway. My dad used to chase people 30 miles when I was a kid just because they cut him off. He did this quite a few times. If he would’ve had a gun then he would’ve used it. It’s a good thing he didn’t. In Florida there were two men who got into an argument at a movie theatre over a cell phone. One guy throws popcorn on the other guy. The guy that gets popcorn thrown on him pulls his gun out and shoots him. The guy that’s doing the shooting is a retired sheriff. You may feel that’s a justified shooting but I don’t. Of course he uses the stand your ground law as a defense. Either one of those guys could have walked away and told a manager or called the cops, but the situation turned out way different and changed both of their families lives. All because their egos got in the way. I may be going out on a limb but I betting there is more stories like this.

      • Steve Stevens

        Jim Bob– I have yet to meet a person who has a concealed carry permit for the purpose of making their life seem meaningful. I would think that most rational people that have a concealed carry permit, like me, do so because they know their life is meaningful and want to defend it. I suppose if I was walking the bike trail and came up upon a situation where you were being viciously beaten by a group of men that were all twice your size, you would probably end up being very grateful that I have a concealed carry weapon to use when I come to your defense. If not, please just kindly tell me to mind my own business and I’ll happily let the beating continue uninterrupted.

      • Drew

        Just saying, Stand your Ground is not about the household. Your house is your castle and you are king of your castle. Anywhere in the US, if someone is in your home and threatening you with physical violence, you are allowed to use equal or lesser force to attempt to stop them. Stand your Ground laws are about no duty to retreat when you are out on a public area.

    • Oyerman

      No you just consume alcohol to “socialize.” Anyone who needs to drink to cope w people is a wimp. You’re over here chastising someone who passed an extensive background check and also took a class on the proper handling of gun safety. I thought that’s what you LEFTARDS wanted. Thanks for confirming there is more to it.

  • Jcar

    Just another U of A Scholar. He had been studying so hard before the Alcohol, Meds and Guns interfered with him.

  • Brian McElhaney

    Officer found cans of alcohol in floorboard & Hart on Adderall for hyperactivity, mental disorder … possible MIXED together?!?! And this guy is allowed to have a CCW permit?!?!? GHEZZ!

    • just saying

      him having alcohol in the back of his car and being prescribed adderall for ADHD does not mean he was mixing the two or that he had been drinking at all. He couldn’t have been on adderall at the time because it’s hard to fall asleep on. Either way – innocent until proven guilty. Having a mental illness like ADHD doesn’t make you unworthy of carrying a gun lawfully.

  • Steve D. Jones

    He wasn’t charged with any alcohol charges, or any drug charges. This is a bogus arrest, as he wasn’t committing a crime with this firearm (or committing any crime at all) and the current governor said when he was the Attorney General that carrying a handgun on campus with a permit is legal. It’s been legal for more than a decade. I would sue. AG opinion -> http://ag.arkansas.gov/opinions/docs/2003-372.html

    • uastudent

      Read your own link, “institution in question elected to prohibit by posting of signs to that effect”. There are signs all over campus. Look over at Dickson/Arkansas Ave and Razorback/Maple St intersections.

  • James Acerra

    As to this gentleman he showed poor judgement he may be ok with the permit firearm but the 2nd firearm if not covered under the permit will get him in trouble. Yes some people that can legally own a firearm are not the best poster children for ownership.But on the whole most legal owners are great folks they don’t pose a threat to their neighbors or the general well being. I for one have owned and carried firearms for over 45 years. On both sides of the Badge as well as military service. I have had only one use of a firearm in non hunting or military need to safeguard people I cared for no discharge was necessary to dissuade the threat. ANYONE who legally can own a firearm and has need of it for defense of themselves or others more power to them.
    Just remember when seconds count, the police are minutes away!

  • bobreal

    Sad I’m sure he is a Smart Young Man; But he should of left his Firearms at home.. Booze and Firearms don’t fix.

  • John Chadbourne

    Opinions on firearms and CCW aside, I would like to point out some important legal information. I am not sure exactly what the guy was arrested for, but it was probably not for having a licensed CCW in his car.

    In Arkansas, your vehicle is considered your property and it is ok to have a CCW licensed firearm within it. It is illegal to carry that weapon into any university building or onto private property that is posted “no firearms”.

    If the Officer ordered him out of his car, he still cannot be convicted of violating this law as he was obeying on officers order. I have posted the relevant information below. It is from the state of Arkansas concealed carry permit website.

    The purpose of this post is to prevent people from freaking out over this incident. The guy was probably arrested for being in a running car while under the influence and will most likely not be charged for having the firearm. (based on the information given)

    **Relavant Arkansas CCW Law**


    It is unlawful for a person to possess a handgun on or about his person, in a vehicle occupied by him, or otherwise readily available for use with a purpose to employ it as a weapon against a person. It is also unlawful to possess a firearm upon the property of public or private schools, public or private college or upon a school bus.

    It is a defense that at the time of the act:

    1) The person is in his own dwelling or place of business or on property in which he has a possessor or proprietary interest.

    Automobile carry:

    Concealed carry in the vehicle is ok with a permit. Without a permit, handguns must be unloaded and cased; glove compartment carry of a handgun is illegal; rifles and shotguns may be carried in plain view or secured in commercial cases.

    Places off-limits when carrying:

    11. Any school, college, community college, or university campus building or school/college event unless the event is for the purpose of participating in an authorized firearms related activity.

    • Dayna

      Thanks for posting that. I don’t think most people even know what the law is. Some of you people are so quick to judge a person based on a poorly written article with irrelevant facts places within the article simply to sway your opinion. I know this guy. For instance, the mention of alcohol cans or bottles: he’s a great friend. He is Designated Driver all the time and you can always ask him for a ride. He takes time out of his day to make sure his friends get home late. He hadn’t been drinking at all.
      Right now, everyone is bogged down. I had three exams in a row today. His eyes were “bloodshot” from sheer exhaustion of two all nighters in a row and he’s lucky he fell asleep before he started driving home and not during. This article is meant to rile you all up into wanting stricter gun control when really he was a tired student that left his car running because he finally passed out from exhaustion. By the sound of it, many of you are lacking a college education so I wouldn’t expect for you I understand. What this article SHOULD be about is how hard the education system pushes is as students and how far we will go for good grades. It’s harder than it’s ever been. We have no futures unless we go to college and then they limit you even further and put so much competition into school and less emphasis on actually learning.
      Also, basic journalism rule #1 is to not repeat “according to the police report” every other line. This guy needs to get a thesaurus. And now most of you need a dictionary to look up what a thesaurus is.

    • PROGUN

      absolutely correct. Additionally, it has been released that toxology reports confirmed he was not under the influence of any drug, narcotic or alcohol. Furthermore, he was lawfully perscribed the adderall which he consumed on a need basis, and not recreationally. This is another example of our ANTI-GUN agenda that has to stop…

  • Useless police. Useless media

    Adderall is for people who have a hard time focusing. It sounds like he passed out in his car and had the gun in his pocket from wherever he came from. If the fun never left the car, and he was sleeping. Please tell me who he was hurting.

    Plenty of people have had guns on this campus. Believing otherwise is moronic. A shooter is going to shoot up the school regardless. Had this guy been in garland parking garage the other day, maybe that girl wouldn’t have been sexually assaulted. Or in the parking lot after a football game last year. And then the media comes in and makes it worse when the guys life is already bad enough. Obviously our campus police is only useful when they’re not wanted. And our media is only informative when it benefits political agenda.

  • Nicole McCully

    To anyone who’s wondering why there was A) special assignment and B) such a panic over seeing all of those guns, UA had gotten an anonymous tip that someone was gloating in a bar around town about how there was a shooting meant for today on campus.

    While them searching the car from top to bottom wasn’t well supported by probable cause, I guess it’s kind of relieving that they found what might have been the guy considering all of those guns he had loaded. This is more or less coming from an Arkansas student, so I know my view’s biased.

    Still strikes me as a little odd that the car had been watched since 12 by at least SOME party to get that secondary tip… like they were just waiting to find evidence to search him in the first place.

    • just saying

      The claims of shooting being bragged about at a bar were heard at 11pm last night (29th) and this man was in the parking garage 4am the 29th, which means he got arrested LONG before anyone even HEARD of a shooting, which means whoever was bragging about it certainly wasn’t him. And by “all those guns he had loaded” i’m guessing you meant the ONE, seeing as he only had two guns and one of them wasn’t loaded? Clearly, also, someone probably saw his car at 12 and then maybe saw it still there a few hours later. He was sitting in his car asleep. I doubt someone was legitimately sitting there watching for it. Your view isn’t biased, it’s just really inaccurate. It was supported by probable cause because he admitted to having a handgun in his car which is illegal on campus. No mention was made of them searching the car “from top to bottom” but just through the middle console.

  • Jimmy Bob

    Steve I’m sure this nation will be a lot better off when everyone is carrying around guns. There is a reason why as this nation became civilized there were less guns being carried on persons. Tell me why the state of Georgia passed that gun law where you could carry a gun just about anywhere you want except in their capital building where the law wass passed. Thats hilarious. I’m not saying that we should outlaw guns, but these open carry and stand your ground laws are getting out of hand. They are a recipe for disaster.

  • Jimmy Bob

    And anyone who believes this boy wasn’t passed out from drinking I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’ll sale you.

    • come on, really

      *sell (you really should work on the whole spelling and grammar thing if you want to be taken seriously)

  • Tiffany

    There was a rumor about a shooting to take place that day which may have been why they acted so rashly.

  • Andrew M. Graeber

    So the only law he breaks is sleeping in a car parked in a public place after hours.. An he gets charged for having a weapon on him when he has a permit. That’s dumber than when a cop molested me in a supposed get away for a gram of marijuana in my pocket an when I told him that he was already in improper procedure and to just take me to jail if he is going to be retarded and charged me with resisting arrest. I was never informed that I was being arrested nor did I push away, run away, or get derogatory.
    But this story is just ridiculous, Give real charges not fake charges.

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