188th Fighter Wing Inadvertently Drops Training Device

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The 188th Fighter Wing has mistakenly dropped a training device from an aircraft, according to a news release Wednesday (April 30).

The aircraft carrying the device was an A-10C Thunderbolt II “Warthog.” The device fell into an unpopulated area near the Arkansas River on April 18, 2014, according to the release.

There is no explosive or environmental hazard associated with the training device, according to the release.

No injuries or property damage took place as a result of the incident. There is reportedly no cause for any alarm to surrounding communities, and an investigation into the cause of the drop is currently ongoing, according to the release.

“The non-explosive training device weighed approximately 25 pounds, and is used to score target hits on the 188th’s Detachment 1 Razorback Range. The incident occurred en route to Razorback Range for routine training,” the news release states.

The release advises that anyone who finds the device should not touch it and should call local law enforcement immediately.


  • Cloudyskiesagain

    “Don’t touch it!!”…but it’s safe, Okkkaaayyy?

    Also…Why all of sudden are the F-16’s back in Fort Smith skies shaking every window in town several times a day? Thought they went to Little Rock a few years back. We’ve put up with that noise for the last 20 + years.

  • lakin

    if you dont like putting up with that “noise” than move. they have to train daily to be prepared to fight for you while you sit on your butt at home. Well nobody got hurt so who cares if they were hunting, hiking or camping. find something worth complaining about. things happen the 188th has some of the best pilots around!

    • Cloudyskiesagain

      Yeah, put the bottle down. You’re pretty tough talking behind that keyboard aren’t ya kitten.

      Have a nice day…or don’t!

      • Realist!!

        Cloudyskiesagain, why dont you find something to complain about? the 188th is a part of our Nations safety and a part of the local economy! If you do not like the noise, invest in some ear plugs or move, no one cares if the noise bothers you or not!! Jack Wagon!!

  • Roxanne crawford

    I would think that there are more problems, on the ground in fort smith to be complaining about.

  • Debbi Thorne

    Love the comments to the Jack Wagon. I agree I also love the sound of freedom. That’s the sound that allows Jack Wagon to be a Jack Wagon.

    • Me

      Good point!..if the thin skinned (realist) can’t handle someone else’s opinion they can cry in their beer, or in this part of the country the poor boys drug of choice…meth. Welcome to Fort Smith.

  • John

    The device is most probably an inert training round. Its shape makes most people think its a mortar round, it weighs 25 lbs. is blueish in color and has a place in the nose for shotgun shell like device to mark a hit. it is used to simulate the trajectory of a 500Lb bomb and is carried by aircraft all over hte US. I’m a former Navy pilot and these things are used everywhere and you’ve probably had a couple dozen carried over your head for years! Relax and go back to sleep as the bases disappear one by one. Putin’s pleased.

    • BlueDog Dem

      you would like that, traitor.

      Do us a favor and move to mother Russia if you are so enamored with that pathetic country.

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