Okla. Gov. Orders Independent Review Of Botched Execution

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Photo courtesy of affiliate station KFOR.

Gov. Mary Fallin has ordered an independent review of the botched execution that took place on Tuesday (April 29), according to a report from affiliate station KFOR.

Gov. Fallin said the review will show:

  1. The cause of Clayton Lockett’s death found by an independent pathologist’s autopsy.
  2. If the correct protocols and procedures were followed in Lockett’s execution.
  3. How to help Oklahoma improve protocols and procedures in Oklahoma executions

“He had his day in court,” Gov. Fallin said. “I believe the legal process worked. I believe the death penalty is an appropriate response and punishment.”

“However, I also believe the state needs to be certain of its protocols and procedures for executions and that they work,” Gov. Fallin said. “For that reason, I have asked for a review of the Department of Corrections’ execution protocols.”

KFOR also reported that Gov. Fallin refused to answer questions.

To read the full story from affiliate station KFOR – Channel 4, click here. 


  • jj

    If I’m not mistaken Oklahoma could not get the drug they normally use from a country in Europe so they resorted to something else that is not as proven and has been known to do this sort of thing. I’m sure she new this and now she wants to investigate it. Hilarious.

  • Amanda Turner

    I am sure he suffered less than his victim. He had no mercy on her! Back in the olden days men were hanged and that was that. I think his death was humane, just, right, and fair. I am proud of Oklahoma and how they don’t play with their punishment. Animals like this man do not deserve to live among society.

  • royprhodes

    It wasn’t Botched; He Died didn’t he??
    So it took a little longer that excepted..
    Might make the next person to think twice before committing a HELLISH CRIME… IF SHE STOPS THIS NEXT EXECUTION THEN IT TIME TO FIND A NEW GOVERNOR..

  • Dora

    Two wrongs do not make a right.

    I hope the commenters with the killer mentality realize the Bible plainly states when you have murderous thoughts, you have as much as committed murder yourself.

    A better question to ask Governor Faliin is why she didn’t accept the Affordable Care Act for her very needy citizens. Oklahoma’s poor is right up there with Arkansas’ poor. When she does not give her constituents free Medicaid insurance paid for by the federal government, that is a sad commentary on her as a person. Her people should get to vote of whether the state would accept the care for her people.

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