Trey Killian Needing More Support for Wins

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He's been pitching lights out for the Diamond Hogs, but if you compare his ERA to his win loss record, they don't go hand-in-hand.

In his last start, Trey Killian threw five perfect 1-2-3 innings, but the Diamond Hogs dropped the game 2-1 against Auburn. With a 2.30 ERA, Killian has been throwing some of the best games of his career, all with a losing record.

"He's battled for us though,” Brian Anderson, infielder said. “He's a team guy. He just wants us to win no matter how we do it. We haven’t been able to get it for him as of late. I think he's like 2-6, his record something like that. But he's going to go out on Friday, he's going to battle for us, and we're going to do everything we can to put up runs for him."

Although they've had some trouble getting work done at the plate, the sophomore pitcher says that's not why he has so many losses. It's more a case of bad luck.

"it's baseball, so sometimes it doesn't happen for certain people, unfortunately that's been me most of the time,” Killian said. “But you know, I'm not worried about it. I go out there just do my job and cheer on those hitters and hopefully they get it done for me."

Head coach Dave Van Horn says his bats are improving, but run support by his team is crucial in getting Killian more wins.

"We've been swinging it a lot better,” Van horn said. “We've been scoring runs and putting together some better innings. Obviously they have outstanding pitching and Friday nights are tough to score usually. When we get a good pitch we got to square it up, and we gotta hit it whether or not. I mean part of the game is, you know, doing what you're supposed to do and gotta have a little bit of luck and get some balls to drop in."

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