Walmart Enters The Car Insurance Business

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Walmart partnered with to provide a one-stop to compare prices and buy car insurance. It launched the service Wednesday (April 30) in eight states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma,Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

Consumers enter personal and car information to get quotes from car insurance companies like Progressive and 21st Century. Once it compares prices, costumers decide which one works best for them.

It doesn't redirect to individual insurance websites or a costumer service line. However, they do have costumer service, if needed.

"Customers have had to go to different insurance carriers site one at a time and fill out each of those forms and its really hard to remember what insurance coverage you actually have in order to do an apples to apples comparison," said Joshua Kazam, founder of

The service is similar to travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity, which provides prices to different airlines.

"The relationship is between the customer and, we take privacy seriously," Kazam said. "We never sell customers information."

Walmart conducted a pilot program in Pennsylvania before launching the service.


  • Ara Cho (@AraCho15)

    So this story is just about an auto insurance company who got their link put on the walmart web site, walmart is not actually offering anything at all. What a misleading title.

    Anyways, if this somehow ends up making things cheaper for everyone, I’m all for it… but I don’t think auto insurance rates are a big issue in this country. I’m paying $24/month for pretty good coverage (from Insurance Panda.. woohoo!), so I don’t really think things can get much better than that.

    Now, if Walmart somehow got into the healthcare industry and started selling dirt cheap health insurance, I’d be all for that. My current policy from Freelancer’s Union at $400+/month is killing my pocketbook.

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    Drive through colonoscopy at Wally world. Now that’s something to look forward to! I think Walmart’s tentacles are already spread far enough.

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