New Execution Info Reveals Prisoner Was Tased, IV Was In Groin

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Gov. Mary Fallin has released the timeline of events that led to Clayton Lockett’s botched execution earlier this week, according to affiliate station KFOR.

KFOR reported the Oklahoma Department of Corrections met in executive session to discuss the execution and what the next steps will be Thursday (May 1).

The newly released information gives more insight into what could have gone wrong in Lockett’s execution, as well as, how it happened, KFOR reported.

To see the full timeline on our affiliate station’s website KFOR – Channel 4, click here.


  • Soonerfan

    Still don’t care about him. Did he care about the young lady that he buried alive? Let it go and move on to the next one. The next one killed a Baby. Make him pay.

  • atc8824

    I so agree I am so tired of all these poor criminal and who cares if he buried somebody alive people.I say an eye for an eye.Didn’t like the way they did things then they should have just buried him alive and let him feel the terror his victim felt while she was passing on to Heaven.

  • Aaron Burns

    I don’t know what god and/or jesus atc8824 Soonerfan prescribe to but I bet he would be so proud of your calous attitudes. The way we treat the least in our society reflects back and effects our society.

    • Soonerfan

      How would you feel if that was your daughter he buried alive? Or if that was your baby the other one killed. The Bible says Thou shall not Kill. So why feel sorry for these guys? They didn’t feel sorry for the 2 precious souls they murdered.

    • Norrie

      the truth of the matter is, that this guy purposely refused liquids prior to his execution in order to make it more difficult for them to find a workable vein! that’s why it had to go into the groin, and he was extremely dangerous to the prison workers so they had to tase him. He was a very, very dangerous criminal, who tortured his teenaged victim, raped her and buried her alive! think about it. the bible doesn’t condemn capital punishment.

  • Dora

    I agree Aaron. How we treat the least of these is how we will be treated ourselves. The least of these includes children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, the needy, and the prisoners.

    Who raised these individuals with so much rage and hate? Where did these callous adults learn to hate? I can’t imagine how this lack of compassion occurs. We have in the news a man shooting a dog with an AK-47? Unbelieveable reality. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough, haters change your life to peace, forgiveness and serenity.

    Just a suggestion: Spend a month with no television or cell phone. Play games and read books with your children. Remember fishing and walking and exploring? See if your level of hate is reduced?

    • Jackson

      You and Aaron live in a bubble!! Join the military or ride out with an officer for a year. Then tell me what you think about life and people. It’s survival of the fittest. Luckily for the majority of the unfit-you have foot soldiers to protect you from evil. Or we can all go for a walk in the park…yeah right.

  • Juan Gonzalez-Hernandez-Melendez-Martinez

    I still fail to see why this is an issue. The guy died. End of story. Toss him in a landfill and go finish the other one that was supposed to die that day.

  • GypsyLovehug! (@GypsyLovehug)

    It’s a catch 22 situation for me personally. I’d love to see more people executed for these horrific crimes but at the same time I don’t feel our justice system properly convicts the right people. There are far too many instances of innocent people being held for years or killed. Not saying that this guy was – I mean just in general. Far as God goes I think people should re-evaluate their beliefs. You’ll see these same people praying for our soldiers killing our countries enemies but killing an enemy of society within our country is somehow different? There’s a huge contradiction in your values. Put these values on display 24/7 and then get defensive when you’re called out on it seems to be the norm while everyone is scratching their heads wondering why we as a country are shifting away from organized religions or any religious beliefs in general.

  • Jackson

    These people are killers and preyed on helpless victims. And we care why that one had a difficult time dying? Plus we have bleeding hearts on here who can’t grasp what this world is about.

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