Fayetteville Woman Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Battery

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Sydney Conley, 19, of Fayetteville was arrested on Thursday (May 1) after a preliminary report stated she kicked her ex-boyfriend in the face, broke into his apartment, wrestled with him and more.

She reportedly was upset at him for having a new girlfriend and  moving to Alaska, according to the report.

The defendant, Kenneth Johnson, said his ex-girlfriend, identified as Conley, confronted him at Zaxby’s restaurant, where he works, and got into a verbal fight with him. Afterwards, she kicked him in the leg, the report states.

Johnson suspected that she would go to his apartment located in the 700 block of South Rose Avenue. When he arrived home, he found the back window of his apartment broken and her vehicle parked in the front, according to the report.

Conley was found in the apartment by the front door, so, he grabbed her and pushed her outside while she pulled his hair, the report states.

After being locked outside, she went to the back of the residence and entered the home a second time. The two wrestled in the bedroom as Johnson attempted to remove her from the apartment once more. During that scuffle, she kicked him in the face, according to the report.

Johnson screamed for help, and his new girlfriend, identified as Raelene Tash, who lives in a neighboring apartment, came to his aid. Conley threw gum at her and swung at Tash, the report states.

Johnson was finally able to get her back outside and lock the residence once more.

Authorities arrived on the scene and found Conley walking away from the residence with a scratch on her right leg. When they entered the home, Johnson was crying and had scratches on his neck and chest, according to the report.

Authorities stated that Conley lied about being at the residence when she was first found. She also lied about how she got into the home. Conley changed her story about how the entire incident took place, but she did confirm that she moved out of the residence in June, 2013.

She denied kicking Johnson at Zaxby’s, the report states.

Conley was arrested by authorities and faces charges of domestic battery, 3rd degree.


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