New Fayetteville High School Library Dedicated In Name Of Student

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The library at the new Fayetteville High School has been named in honor of one of its students in a dedication ceremony on Saturday (May 3).

The library was named after Matthew William Moore for his involvement with the school and a contribution from his parents. The library also included an unveiling of a statue of Moore.

“It’s just so moving to see such a beautiful piece of architecture dedicated to him as a memory,” said Jason Moore, Matthew’s brother, “His high school was really important to him and reading was really important to him and he loved Fayetteville High School, so it`s really a beautiful 20 year full circle of that.”

Moore died in a car accident in 1991 just before his May graduation.


  • Billy

    My son died in 2001 in a tragic accidental drowning while down in Louisiana (he was a junior at FHS at the time). Not that I would ever expect a library to be named after him, but he too was a kind and caring young man. Some type of posthumous recognition would have been nice. He didn’t play in the band, but he did sing in the choir. And I’m sure there have been many other students through the years have died while they were attending FHS. I do not want to take anything away from this young man, because I know he and his family deserved this honor. Just saying …

    • Billy

      That’s my point. Families shouldn’t have to donate money in order to have the school recognize a student posthumously. Like I said, I’m not asking for them to name a building in his honor … But SOMETHING should have been done.

  • Beth

    I was thinking the same thing as I read article before I read your response Billy. There have been many students who have tragically passed away before they should have and who have never been recognized because no large contributions were made in their honor. Unfortunately money talks, and not everyone can afford to make large contributions. I’m sorry for your loss.

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