Clinton Tours Arkansas Tornado Damage

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Former President Bill Clinton joined Governor Mike Beebe Sunday (May 4) as they toured the tornado damage left behind in Central Arkansas.

Clinton took the podium in Vilonia, where he said he’s astonished at how much work has been done in just a week’s time.  He also complimented FEMA, saying the agency has done an incredible job.

Clinton also said in a tweet that it’s inspiring to see neighbors working together to rebuild.  Beebe echoed that sentiment, saying with every heart-wrenching story, there’s a heart warming story as well.

President Barack Obama will visit Central Arkansas on Wednesday (May 7).


  • Tom Sambo

    So, Bubba was “astonished” at how much work had been done and that it was “inspiring to see neighbors working together…?” Hmm. So, unlike New Orleans where the citizens there were waiting for the government to come help them, the people of Vilonia did not wait for the government. The difference between self-reliance and government dependency is the difference between Americanism and liberalism. One works and the other is a failed ideology.

    • Sarah 1

      Bubba? Name calling? So not nice. I thank the former president for coming and encouraging the people. Have you? Have you helped those folks?

      I believe people who despise others as well as denigrate others are not successful in their own lives, miserable if you will, therefore they blame others to make themselves feel more important. Seek help. With the ACA there are many avenues of help to feel better about yourself and make your life satisfying to yourself and those you love.

      Those people in NOLA suffered, they died. We will never know personal horror stories since so many did not make it out alive.

      Arkansas is an agricultural state and just about every person has a vehicle, truck, trailer, etc., or knows someone who does. Comparing the two tragedies is apples to oranges.

  • Leten Uno

    Tom, you should visit NOLA or any city. Many people don’t even own vehicles, especially tractors, trailers, front end loaders and dump trucks. Arkansas is a rural community and had a major city, national guard and first responders that was basically untouched within 30-60 minute drive. I’m sure not everyone the tornado struck were Republicans so I assume you’re singling out the Liberal Democrats of NOLA whose entire city was underwater for a week? 3/4 mile wide EF3 tornado’s don’t tend to wreck a region like a 200 mile wide damage path of historic hurricane Katrina. And yes rural communities seem to be more prepared for tornado’s and the recovery than Cities. Not sure if Arkansas is classified as Tornado Alley now yet every year people are struck and some die from Twisters. It’s part of our heritage. I can see you tend to over simplify and stereotype, even name calling. Truth is, Bill Clinton has done more in the last year than you will accomplish in your life.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Excellent points, Leten!

      If Tom has anything further to say it will probably be tomorrow after he has had a chance to hear the official FAUX News and Rush Limpbaugh responses to this story.

      When the U.S. military puts boots on the ground some of those boots are worn by ‘liberals’. I’ve asked you this question before and gotten no response:

      Do you feel those ‘liberals’ are un-American? Furthermore, do you feel that those who disagree with you are un-American?

      Frankly, your intolerance is about as un-American as anything I’ve seen.

  • Jason

    Yes it amazes me how many people blame the liberal media for their problems when Fox News has been the number one watched news program for the last 12 years.

  • atc8824

    Bill Clinton is from Arkansas and I’m sure he has family here in Arkansas.I am independent but to me Bill Clinton is the best president we have had in years.Bush.Obama not much difference we are still paying $3.75 a gallon for gas and $5.00 a gallon for milk which were the prices during Bush’s reign as president.Bush harped on war, Obama on racism not much difference both war and racism fueled by hate.I really dislike all this I am better because I am Democrat no I am better because I am Republican.Why don’t we just all be American’s?

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