Tractor Trailer Full Of Cattle Overturns On Interstate 40

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A tractor-trailer full of cattle overturns on Interstate 40 Sunday (May 4) afternoon.

Authorities said the tractor-trailer was coming off of Interstate 540 near exit 7, when it tipped over. Authorities said they believe the accident was caused by the weight of the cattle shifting. Three of the 98 cattle were killed in the crash, many others were injured.

Authorities have not reported any people being injured in the accident.

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    • Aim

      If it’s exit 7 then no it’s not 49…49 will run from Bella Vista to Alma. It will remain 540 at exit 7 going ot Fort Smith.

  • Woad Warrior

    It was at the 40/540 junction near Van Buren. I passed by shortly after it happened. Probably going too fast on the 25 MPH U Ramp. That needs to be replaced, but AHTD will cry “no money”

  • And the cows said......


  • Outsider

    No, they’ll cry “no money…..for the Fort Smith region…unless the roads are literally crumbling and there are no other options” (ie. I540 reconstruction)

    The state won’t help an area who doesn’t want to help themselves. We no longer provide a benefit to the state. Sorry, ‘historic’ doesn’t bring in enough of an incentive for the state to truly invest in this area. There is more of an incentive to invest in areas, such as NWA, who want to grow the economy not maintain a historic status quo and relive the 1880’s.

    • Fed up

      WHAT?? You mean you don’t believe the Marshall’s Museum is going to bring hundreds of thousands of people to Fort Smith just like the Barber shop where Elvis got his haircut does!! Oh ye of little faith. LOL! With the Clowns running this town, and that is all it is….a TOWN not a city. LIFES WORTH LIVING IN FORT SMITH!!!! I’m trying to find a job in this lousy town doing what I have done for 25 years. Of the two jobs of this type that have been open in the last 4 months they each had 20 applicants. That tells you how sorry this area is.

  • J

    It was just past exit 7. I got stuck behind it for about 10 minutes. That was at 145 pm. I headed east bound at 645pm and it was still laying across the interstate.

  • atc8824

    I live near that exit in Van Buren and trucks have been turning over there for 20 years mainly because they will not slow down to make the curves.In one day we had a truck turn over on I-40 -I-540 ramp then a dump truck turn over at Hwy 64 and I-540.Safe to say intersection of I-540 and I-40 is not a safe place on the road and speed makes all the difference.

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