Crossland-Oelke, Aymond Head State AFP As Replacement Sought For Cline

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Jason Cline, Arkansas director for the conservative political action committee Americans for Prosperity, has resigned from that post, he told 5NEWS on Tuesday (May 6).

Teresa Crossland-Oelke, Americans for Prosperity’s vice president of state operations, told 5NEWS in an email the job opening will be posted this week. Crossland-Oelke said she and Elizabeth Aymond will manage the Arkansas AFP team in the interim. Aymond is AFP’s state operations executive assistant.

Cline, 27, said he resigned May 5 in a mutual split with AFP. He said he is still friends with the people in the organization and still supports what they do.

Cline’s resignation comes two weeks before the May 20 primary elections. Americans for Prosperity has been active in Arkansas in criticizing Obamacare and candidates who support it or who support the state Medicaid expansion program called private option.

Cline said he is in discussions about a similar job with a conservative nonprofit political organization in Arkansas. That organization is in its formative stages, he said. The details about the new organization and his job duties will be released soon, Cline said.

(Cline is pictured here with 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry during a recent interview segment that aired on a 5NEWS weekend newscast.)




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  • Sarah 1

    Mr. Clines LINKEDin file shows as little as three years ago he was a
    Salesman in SUPER FLOORS (Carpeting and Tile)
    He has a degree in Business Administration / Marketing.   
         (He misspelled Administration on his linked in account page)

    All the earnest love Mr. Cline gave the Republican Cotton apparently is wavering. His loyalty can be purchased with a greater salary increase. Since arriving in Arkansas in Spring 2013 Mr. Cline has moved right up the ladder.

    Just don’t forget these Republican PAC’s and their hired guns will not be around when our Arkansas citizens have been pushed around and are in less healthy and worse financial shape then when they arrived.

    Do not be fooled by these so-called people from other states coming into Arkansas to take away benefits to our citizens. Vote Democrat and save Arkansas from massive corporate take-over!

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