Drunk Fayetteville Woman Resists Arrest, Is Carried To Police Car, Authorities Say

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An intoxicated Fayetteville woman resisted arrest and had to be carried to a patrol car, according to court documents.

Jennifer Hall, 53, was arrested after officers found her intoxicated and involved in a verbal altercation at the 300 block of South Mashburn Avenue with her neighbor, court documents say.

Hall was using expletives in an argument with the person who called police to the scene over a parking problem on the street, according to the documents. The incident took place at 8:25 p.m. on Tuesday (May 6).

She was confrontational and belligerent to officers on the scene and continued to yell at the neighbor, even falling down and getting a cut above her eye at one point, court documents say. Officers eventually got Hall to go back into her residence.

Authorities returned a second time to the same location approximately one hour later due to a report from the same neighbor. Hall was beating on the neighbor’s outside window yelling at the neighbor, “Handle your own [expletive],” according to court documents.

Officers warned Hall she could placed under arrest if she did not return to her own residence. While authorities spoke with the victim, Hall came nearby. She was placed in handcuffs but refused to submit to the arrest.

Since she refused to walk to the patrol car, officers were forced to carry her there.

She was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of public intoxication and refusal to submit to arrest.

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