Walmart: Pick Up Groceries Ordered Online

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The Bentonville Planning Commission approved construction plans to build a Walmart pick-up center Tuesday (May 7). The new grocery format will open at S. E J street near Walton Boulevard.

Shoppers will be able to place their grocery order online and schedule a pick-up time. Customers will be able to go through the drive-thru and leave with their groceries.

”Anything that makes my life easier, where I can go and get the things I need and save some time by having it available for me at my convenience would be a good thing,” said Philip Woodworth, who lives in Benton County.

It's a 15,000 sq. ft. building with 50 parking spots. Construction crews already started on some of the groundwork.

In March, Walmart also kicked off another new grocery format called Walmart To Go.


  • Sarah 1

    Great idea! Wonder if there will be a charge for the service? Whatever WalMart does turns out well whether it be eyeglasses, groceries, tires, etc. Their guarantees of products are excellent.

    • Teresa

      It will be wonderul for us handicapped people….Lazy is the people who park in the handicapped spaces who don’t have a hadicapped sticker.

  • Tara

    This is a great concept. My family and I will support it. I’m not too lazy to buy my own groceries. As a busy working mother I see it as less time spent in a store that I could spend with my family.

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