Oklahoma Schools to Require Pledge of Allegiance

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Governor Mary Fallin has signed a bill into law, requiring schools to hold a weekly pledge of allegiance.

State Representative John Bennett, the House author of the bill, said the pledge serves as a reminder to young people that patriotism honors those who have fought and sacrificed on behalf of the country.

The measure will not force students to recite the pledge. They will be able to opt out of participating if they choose to.

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    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Brian, you are more than welcome to relocate to the country of your choice as long as it isn’t here. In fact, you are encouraged to move to whatever country you feel is so superior to ours. A bit of advice, don’t look for any going away parties for you. We will throw a party for the fact that you are gone however.

      • Dom

        Arnold, you are welcome to relocate to another country that forces kids to recite a loyalty oath to the government at school. Say, North Korea.

  • Scout

    At Brian L. Since when was America a fascist country ?? The answer is never ! If a person dont like the pledge, then opt. out. Problem solved.

    • Dom

      How about, if you do like the pledge, then opt-in? Such a pledge is appropriate if you are entering a public office or the military. Though I feel that it is the government that should be pledging allegiance to the people, not the other way around.

      However, it is un-American, inappropriate, and creepy to have kids recite by rote a loyalty oath to the government at school.

  • guest

    as being from texas i usually disagree with everything oklahoma does…. just joking. but i am standing up and applauding the governor for this bill. i remember as a kid we said the pledge every day before class, and i can’t believe we took it out of schools. Kudos for Oklahoma for leading the way. now hook em horns!!

    • Charles McManus

      I do not remember saying the pledge every day in school but we certainly did it regularly and often had official flag raisings around the flag pole which included saying the pledge.

  • Tom Sambo

    The problem with America today is there is little allegiance left. We are slowly becoming a “balkanized” nation with new immigrants (illegal and legal) not wanting to assimilate. We also have too much liberal influence in everything from media to education. Something big will have to happen for the ignorant masses to finally wake up.

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    One great big ATTA-GIRL for the Guv. Too bad she can’t be the Guv of Arkansas too. We can’t even get english as our official language.

    • Sarah 1

      Your ‘atta-girl Guv’ for Fallin is misplaced. She has driven Oklahoma off the rails. Oklahoma sank into Bankrate’s bottom 10, thanks to low scores in three main areas.

      Gallup-Healthways gave the Sooner State its ninth-lowest score in the country. It’s not surprising that the index, which asks residents about their emotional and physical health as well as how safe they feel, placed Oklahoma so low.

      Oklahoma’s crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, with 3,870 violent and property crimes per 100,000 people. It also has one of the worst health care systems in the country, according to a government analysis.

      The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality gave Oklahoma the fourth-lowest score in the nation in terms of health care quality. Patients at Oklahoma hospitals also gave their doctors and health clinics below-average satisfaction scores.

      • Arnold Fudpucker

        Let me just take a wild guess…..you are a liberal demoncrat…right! That’s a big problem with you libs, you are intolerant of everyone who doesn’t agree with you to the letter.
        I wonder if you are so critical of Arkansas? Or is the fact AR has a demoncrat guv prevent you from speaking on the subject?

  • Sarah 1

    All children in NWA say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in public school. We don’t need another law to specify that action. Gov. Fallin we already do that.

  • Sarah 1

    Arnold – where are your facts? Statistics?
    You are all name calling and derogatory instead of an intelligent discussion backed by factual information.
    I love Arkansas! Until recently we had the best senators and representatives that worked together in a bi-partisan fashion to help the citizens of our great state.
    Demoncrat? That speaks to your mentality and intelligence more than it speaks in reference to me. 4239

  • Dom

    It is inappropriate in America to conduct a ceremony at school where kids are led to recite a loyalty oath to the government. This is something I would expect in Nazi Germany or North Korea, not the United States.

  • Anonymously

    The schools in one district in the AR River Valley didn’t say the pledge according to the law of 2005 until last year. Students had to take their complaint up the ladder to the superintendent before anything changed. Please keep in mind that the principal at that school is retired military. After the district began saying the pledge, there weren’t any flags so once again complaints up the ladder to the superintendent. Our law also states that a student may opt out of saying the pledge.

    Amazing that they don’t want to follow the law until students mention taking their complaints to the state!!!! Thank God the superintendent has announced his retirement this year…

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