Bentonville Ensures Storm Sirens Are Working Again

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The city of Bentonville plans to test its sirens at 1 p.m. During the April 27 storms, three Bentonville storm sirens were down. However, according to fire officials, all have been repaired.

The sirens will go off twice. The first one will be a steady blast for three minutes, which means dangerous storms are approaching the city.

The second sound will go from high to low tones for 45 seconds, which means the danger is over.

"Testing is very important because they are a mechanical, electronic device and they can fail," said Fire Chief Brent Boydston. "If we do not test them, we will never know if they are going to work or not in the case of an emergency."

Every day at noon, they test the sirens in what they call "a silent test," he said.

Benton County offers the BC Alert System, which sends alerts for free in case people don't hear the sirens. 5NEWS also has an app where you receive severe weather alerts on your phone.