Blake Shelton Concert Sells Out; Fans Angry At Ticket System

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The Walmart Arkansas Music Pavillion's grand opening concert on June 7, featuring county music star Blake Shelton, sold out Friday (May 9) in fewer than three hours.

More than 25,000 people requested grand opening concert tickets to the show at the new AMP site in Rogers. The site has a seating capacity of 7,000, according to a news release from spokeswoman Beth Bobbitt.

The AMP announced the grand opening concert in a news release on Thursday (May 8).

Tickets were priced at $5 and $10, with Walmart covering the cost of the concert, Bobbitt said in Friday's news release. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to local charities.

Many fans who wanted tickets posted negative comments on the AMP's Facebook page on Friday, expressing disappointment that the online queue system for allocating tickets did not operate properly, forcing people down on the ticket list who had been near the top of the queue.

Kassi Noisewater said she set her alarm early to get Blake Shelton tickets, only to become frustrated when the server crashed.

"I waited and waited and waited and waited for a long time," Noisewater said, "Eventually it just said that all the tickets were sold out, just out of the blue, I don't know where it came from or what happened, but it did."

Noisewater said she was number 1259 in line and her number kept getting smaller, then the screen disappeared.

Hesten Ogden said his girlfriend was excited about the tickets, and as of Friday night he wasn't sure if they would be going to the June concert.

"She was telling me she was getting tickets and asked me if I wanted to go, and I said of course I'd go with her and now I don't know...we are hoping still though I guess," Ogden said.

On its Facebook page, the AMP said it increased the size of its website server to remedy the problem. "The volume has been overwhelming and we are trying to move things through as quickly as we can," the AMP said on its Facebook page.



  • Mark C.

    This was a poor roll-out of the Walmart AMP. Imagine waiting in line, making it to number 13, having their servers crash under the load, and you jump to over 13000. Its as though over 10,000 jumped in front of you. This happened twice to me and I gave up.

    We saw Billy Currington last week in Fort Smith. It was held by a different promoter and we didn’t have ANY issues with obtaining tickets.

    I’m sorry, but this introductory failure has the Walmart name all over it. Not very classy.

  • a volunteer

    A sellout nevertheless and I’m sure all the whining and grumbling isn’t going to effect their future ticket sales and crowds. wah wah wah, sorry about their luck.

  • Scott

    I got on the site at 8:00 and got my seats at 9:40, not lawn seats, actual under the awning seats. I had no problems at all it just took time.

  • Happypansie

    How about being 3 back after waiting 3 + hours and the window slams closed! oh well!

  • Dustin

    Hopefully they can donate some of the ticket sales towards more servers so that people who tried to buy actually can next time.

  • elizabeth leach

    My daughter was on hold for over 3 hours to get tickets for my 8 year old grandson only to hear that they sold out. now he is heart broken.

  • Jennifer

    4 limit tickets did not apply, some people got as many as 10. Advertised tickets go on sale at 9am and yet you open a que before that, some of us make it to less than 1000 in line only to get pushed back to 10,000 and not at 9 am and there was no refresh error on the purchasers part….epic fail. I hope they just apologize for this and not try to make excuses because most of us don’t want to hear it.

  • Amy Drummond

    I was actually at #4 in the queue, when the system shut me out. Then, I was pushed back to 9800ish… Waited another 4 hours in the queue. Got to the pa be to buy tickets, only to be told the website was experiencing issues. I didn’t get any tickets. This whole experience was incredibly disappointing.

  • Caitlyn Ryals

    The same thing happened to me when I went to buy tickets for the Dierks Bentley concert in late June, and that line was only 300 at it’s height. I ended up getting stuck with lawn tickets after hitting “purchase” for awning seats. Those servers need some serious work.

  • Nancy Hearell

    Waited over 5 hrs. to find out tickets were sold out. How disappointing! Called the box office and all they could say was, “sorry”.

  • Aim

    So sad how selfish and self absorbed our society has become. I didn’t get what I wanted when I wanted it at the exact time I wanted it so I am going to blame Walmart and everyone else, be mad and upset and throw a fit. We are in the age of computers but not everything works as it should and sometimes demand on a system is unexpected. This is the problem with relying on technology to do things for you!!!

  • Dora

    Totally agree Aim. In the span of life this is the least of anyone’s problems. Servers sometimes crash. Even the system concerning Twitter has crashed before. This is life. Tragedy is death, tornadoes, flooding, cancer or disease.

    Get a grip people and be thankful for your good health and family.

    Spend your time with your Mother on Mother’s Day.

  • Patrick

    Ooohhhh noooo! You didn’t get next to free tickets to a charity concert at a privately funded venue. Your life is so hard! Grow up!

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