Deputies Head to DC to Memorialize Fallen Officer

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A Sebastian County Sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty last Spring is being honored in Washington D.C.

The troop of Cpl. Terry Johnson, who died while on patrol in March of 2013, will be there as he is recognized for his dedication and service.

Cpl. Johnson will be honored for his sacrifice in a candlelight vigil during National Police Week on Tuesday night. President Barack Obama will speak at a formal dedication ceremony, thanking the fallen officers for their sacrifice, on Thursday.

Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck said he'll be going with the troop, and with Johnson's widow to the memorial.

To this day, Cpl. Johnson’s death continues to weigh heavily on his colleagues, who fondly called the 6’7″ deputy a 'gentle giant'.

"The last year has been really tough without Terry... We miss him a lot," said Sonya Cooper, who works at the Sebastian County Sheriff's Department.

"You think about him like the things that he would say on the radio things he would do. You constantly think about him all the time," said Ron Decker, with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Department.

Johnson's colleagues will leave for D.C. Sunday morning. They'll be staying for all of the events throughout the week.

Details surrounding the events which led to the crash that claimed the life of Cpl. Johnson are still unknown.